The Good, the bad and the ugly

I know what they mean about the scenery (think fauna, prettiest creatures I ever did see; flora, not so much, unless cotton is your idea of pretty).

Any defense, that has Ed Oliver, that gives up 63 points to a true freshman QB starting his 2nd game has fundamental, and I mean fundamental, issues.

Down 21, under 3 minutes left, running the ball on 1st and 2nd down. ARE you fracking kidding me?


the Good:

  • King leads the nation in passing TDs per game, and #8 amoung qbs in rushing tds per game, & has yet to play a FCS…he also has 0 turnovers

  • Stevenson has played 2 football games in the last 3 years and looks special already, he will only get better

  • we did keep them under 100yds rushing, 2yds per run

The Bad

  • as you noted- we gave up, we weren’t playing to win, at the end of the 4th

  • drops, every wr on the team has made a big time play, all have crucial drops

  • we don’t have a consistent run game, no one has seized the position yet


  • arguably the worst pass defense in the nation, let 2 first time starters look like peyton manning (rice, tech)…techs qb had 603 yds passing, ZERO turnovers,6tds 72% completion on 59 passes, did i mention he was a true freshmen and this was his first start vs a real team

  • 1997-2004 was the UH dark ages, when we didnt have the resources to support our program from being left out of the swc. if you do not include any game from that era, this is arguably the worst defenseive effort by a resourced UH team EVER. atleast when we gave up 72 to smu in 2012, half the points wre defensive turnover tds

The Consolation

  • we won’t see a passing team of techs quality for the rest of the season (unless we meet ucf in the ccg)
  • our offense still has a TON of kinks and we are still doing 45 points a game. imagine what itll look like if we figure everything out
  • i came into this season thinking we HAD to be great this season, because the defense is elite and we are losing a TON on defense, if not this season it would be along time …the way the season has played out, our offense is elite and basically returns everyone in 2019, and the defense is so bad, that losing everyone isnt as big of a deal, 2019 could be special off the offense

I thought the play of the game was the third down drop with about 3 Min to go in the first half. It created a potential 14 point swing and the Coogs never recovered.


Does D’Onofrio remind me of Eli Wallach? I might be on to something.What about the rest? You decide.

Agreed, make that catch and we are in good position to score, take the lead, and have the ball to start the 2nd half. Instead, we go into halftime down 7.

We might be talking about the same thing, but I believe it was 4th and 3 from around mid-field right before the half. It was certainly a risky call and one I argued with someone on Twitter about for a while, but I agreed with the call. The defense wasn’t stopping Tech and it was clear at that point in the game that we needed to try to outscore Tech rather than rely on our defense. If Corbin catches that ball that hit him right in the hands, it’s likely we go down and score on that drive and we go into the half either tied or possibly with a 7 point lead instead of down by 7.

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Getting 63 points scored on us tell you everything. Bowman was 43 for 59 with an average of 10.3. He is a freshman QB. They scored at will. That is on us. Briles did his part and more especially against Gibbs. The same can be said for D’Eriq. The way we lost is crystal clear. We have not learned anything from the Tulsa loss. It is more than concerning.


I think we are talking about the same play. Didn’t remember that it was a fourth down call.

Also, I don’t think all UH fans fully appreciate how talented the Jack Boyz were. That level of talent, especially throughout a secondary doesn’t come along very often at any school. That kind of ability in the back end allows the DC to take a lot more risks in terms of blitzes without getting burned repeatedly.


While Corbin’s drop was obviously critical given the down and field position, I still think Marquez’s drop earlier in the half when we were up by 7 was more so. He was so open I don’t think Tech would have given chase

Funny, when I saw Eli Wallach play Arhur in The Holiday it never dawned on me that he was Tuco!

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