The Great One Plays - NFC Championship - Game Thread

(Cary) #1

SKOL! Vikings will win.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #2

Red underwear on… I’m ready.

(Cary) #3

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #4

Go Case!

Go Vikes!


(Keenum Era Coog) #5


(Cary) #6


(Cary) #7

Welp. Not a lot he could do there.

(Alfred Matthews) #8

I know he got hit on that INT but that was still a bad decision. It would have been picked regardless.

(Ben B) #9

You’re blind.

(Alfred Matthews) #10

No im not. Quit being a homer.

(G.W.) #11

Phill O
Slant, complete, repeat…may need to make an adjustment.
Foles is heating up.

(Craig Wiggins) #12

I disagree. If he wasn’t interrupted it would have been high to the receivers back shoulder where only the receiver could have caught it or incomplete. I’ve watched every game he started and he has been pin point acurate all year except when he’s being pressured then you will see him throw one like last Sunday. Not like this one

(Trent) #13

Can’t help thinking the eagles are going to wear themselves out by the end of the 3rd.

(Cary) #14

You’re being contrarian. He hit every single pass on the money leading up to that. His arm is hit, and it causes him to open his shoulders. You either haven’t played football or you have no idea about throwing mechanics.

(Alfred Matthews) #15


Nobody was in the area when he threw the INT.

Actually watch the video and come back to me because you are clearly blind.

(Trent) #16

Bro, all we’re looking for is a chill pill. You and shaggy today…

(Trent) #17

That grass is definitely slick, vikes are struggling a little.

(Trent) #18

Worst block ever from a tight end.

(Keenum Era Coog) #19

You really dont have the best takes. He was hit during the pass, he wasn’t aiming for the Philly defender. He was aiming for Theilen who was right behind the Philly DB.

(Alfred Matthews) #20

AKA a bad throw.