The infamous tie tech

(Dan) #24

His coaching super powers would immediately leave him if he did this. I’ll take the T and the regular season loss.


The AAC defines “Bush League”. Is there any review of these characters?

(Thomas) #26

Sampson should wear a shirt like the rest of the team…We are Jordan!!!



LOL…what a great idea!
Love it.


Same here. Coach liked that post too. Love where we’re at as a program that people are rallying behind our coach/team over things like this!


I don’t know about the push-off. Looks like Jarreau slipped but if they called the incidental contact on Corey, yeah, they should have called the push.


CUSA part deux.


What was his name and is he refing any of our future games (home or away)?


2 free throws for a technical wtf…

(Dustin K) #34

I don’t remember that, did we file a protest on that?

Also, can we get this ref’s address and everyone mail him a red tie?

(Patrick) #35

John Gaffney.

No idea if he refs anymore of our games. American doesn’t have their own refs; they’re part of a Southeastern US pool and shared by the SEC and ACC along with other conferences in the area.

Very likely we won’t see him again unless we play in the Northeast again.


It happened in 2006. And, yes, we did protest, but it only resulted in the CUSA league office issuing a statement to the effect that the referees had exercised poor judgment in not rescinding the technical foul. They didn’t change the score and UH (still) lost the game.

If you want to send any neckties, I suggest that you send them to Nate Pomeday, Associate Commissioner, American Athletic Conference, 15 Park Row West, Providence, Rhode Island 02903. He is in charge of AAC men’s basketball.

(Jimmy Morris) #37

While that would be funny, imagine being the family of that ref knowing how it only takes one fan to go much further than sending a red tie. Fan is short for fanatic afterall.

(Drew) #38

Love the red tie idea. Students should find a time to rip them off and throw them in the air at some point prior to or during the game. That would be hilarious!

On the refs, this was a horrendous call that helped swing the game. I’m watching true video I question whether it was a travel. I don’t think so. White tools step back as he caught the ball and jumped off of both feet, which is legal. And like the other poster said, there were multiple touch fouls called to put them in the bonus, which is why they shot so many FT’s.

In the end, I agree with what Sampson said about this being a teachable moment. We weren’t going undefeated this year so better to learn from mistakes now than in the tournament. Oh, and if we keep improving this IS a tournament team. No doubt in my mind.

(David) #39


Maybe everyone should show up Saturday with a red tie and when the refs blow a call, we can all throw them! Not on the court, at each other! Ties don’t hurt when they hit.


Well, those clips can leave a mark. :grinning:

(Dustin K) #42

Is that a clip on?


No clip-ons allowed. has to be a real tie.