The infamous tie tech


That’s not the way this works.


It’s a safety issue. You don’t have to wear the real tie, stuff it in your pocket and throw when the occasion hit you.

BTW, if CKS doesn’t remove his tie for a whole game does that mean our guys played a PERFECT game?

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The ref John Gaffney should be banned from EVER doing another UH game.

His traveling call against White was BAD…he knew it, When CKS pulled off his tie, Gaffney was looking at CKS the entire time from the far end of the court. When he saw CKS take off his tie, he T’eed him up.

The ref KNEW he screwed up the call… about 2 minutes later he called an offensive foul on Davis that was worse than the one on White.

It is hard enough on the road without this crap. Pez and UH should file a FORMAL protest to the league office on this guy. Knowing that the league office is mostly spineless, I am sure nothing will happen.

This kind of crap cannot be allowed to go on !!!

Off soap box !!

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The only problem with saying they “insert” themselves into the game by making a call is that they also “insert” themselves by NOT making a call that should be made. The foundation of validity requires that they make the call according to the rules at all times, anything less provides an invalid result.


Well, every game has “invalid results”, then - it just becomes a matter of which team gets the majority of the benefit.

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It’s not just basketball. Astros fans know which umpires feel they’re bigger than the game, think Joe West or Angel Hernandez.

The best officials are the ones that you don’t realize they’re there. They don’t have hair triggers and let the game play out. They keep order and keep the game moving. They’re aware of the game, when in the game it is and what the score is. If you let something go all game and call it at the end, then that’s an inconsistent official and that’s when problems start happening.

If I’m calling the game, I would have let the play go and let the game go to overtime and let things work themselves out. If it resulted in a lead change, then I make a call, but it wouldn’t have, it would have tied the game. We’ve all seen games where officials put their whistles in their pockets at the end of games.


Bobby Knight was a piece of work. Highly entertaining.


Obviously fans should throw their ties in unison every game when Sampson throws his. He always throws his when the team needs it most. Get really loud on defense and throw the ties or wave them as a rally cry


This isn’t hard to think of lol traditions aren’t hard

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A single tie gets thrown near the court, UH gets called with a tech. I don’t trust a bunch of fans with that kind of responsibility.