The King hate around here is ridiculous

Let the kid pursue his dreams

I will support him wherever he goes and i hope to see him in the NFL



So starting a new thread about Mr King was good idea. That should calm all the haters :roll_eyes::exploding_head::smirk:


Well that right there did it. All is now unicorns and rainbows.

I’m going to go on Facebook and post something similar about politics and religion.


If the kid is as good as he and his dad think, he need to go to an LSU or OU type program with a chance to win a natty and get a Heisman. This Miami, Arkansas, or Maryland talk is ridiculous. He could’ve had that visibility at UH without the huge risk of going to a completely new program


No one is stopping him from pursuing his dreams.

That said, he crapped all over us in the way he left. We have every right to call him on that on his way out.


The King hate seems like less than the Sims hate a few years ago…agree?

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This thread is still in progress. I can see the hate trickling lower ea min. Hang in there.

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Yes. The Sims hate was more palpable. Maybe because it caught people by surprise and we didn’t have 50 cryptic tweets to prepare us.

What if…now try to follow me folks…kids went to schools of their choice at any time, without restrictions, and you had no say or opinion on it?

Imagine that world…you know…the one that exists with all students that aren’t student athletes,

This is my new zen and it’s actually kinda nice. I just support the school and the kids that choose to suit up for it.


I think the only issue with King is that he decided to have a fake press conference to announce that he was staying and for us not to believe otherwise. All this for the purpose of playing the school for his benefit of using facilities and getting a degree. It is what is. It just leaves a sour taste in our mouths. But we have to move on. Being a Houston Cougar ain’t easy.

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If I recall correctly, Simms from Westbury committed to U of H after his junior year and had a break out HS playoffs his senior year. All of a sudden the Bigger schools came calling and caught his interest. Chronicle reported his Mamma told him he committed to U of H and was going to keep his word, and he did. Loved the kid for this and his ability. What cost us not having him for 4 years was he was ineligible his sophomore season for an undisclosed reason, but kept up with all classes and had a red shirt. So when he graduated had a year left. I was not mad at him, just disappointed.

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I think Martin Luther was a great man.

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Maybe, but they didn’t have football in the 16th century. We don’t know his 40 time or vertical leap. He may have only been a 2 star.

Word on the street was that Martin Luther was great…I’m not sure about his 40 time, but he had some hops and under LTH’s analysis, his pee was clear and at championship level. Easily a 3-star and maybe a 4?

Go Coogs. Peace.

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Quit. Ter.

King couldn’t even run this offense this past season, if he goes to Arkansas or Miami both bottom feeders in their conferences he’s not going to elevate either of those programs and he’s not good enough to start at OU or LSU. Doubt there would be as much negativity had he not come out and said “I’m staying”. However I do wish him well, he probably has his dad running his life which can’t be good.

If you think folks who are somewhere short of “I wish him well and will be rooting for his success” are being unreasonable, one thing to note is that it doesn’t seem like there is a single “Nothing but love fam. Pulling for you.” type tweet from any of his teammates. Corbin even seemed to kind of take a shot at him if I understood his tweet correctly.

Jamie Newman (starting QB at Wake) seemed to have a good bit of support from his teammates when he put out that he was going to enter the portal as a grad transfer and that was a huge loss for their program.

This one is a bit different than a normal run of the mill transfer.


King is a UH graduate so he’s forever ours . I think it’s a blessing for us and him bc I don’t think he fits our system now and had he stayed , he would just be a distraction with the qb controversy next yr. I have no issues with him and everything happens for a reason and we will be better off next yr and he gets his new start. He’s a coog so we need to remember that. If he left before graduating then I’d feel totally different towards him.