The marketing of Ed Oliver and the Heisman Trophy chase

(Patrick) #1

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Ed Oliver points to the Houston skyline, barely visible in the distance on a recent overcast afternoon.

“Look at it,” the University of Houston’s All-American defensive tackle said. “I’m ecstatic to just be from this city. I’m right here in the middle of the city. I love this city. If it was up to me, I would never leave. I would play for the Texans right now. Sign me up.”



Texans could use him next fall. But we got him!

(Patrick) #4

Well…hopefully the Texans bottom out next year, fire O’Brien, and draft Oliver. I’d be happy with that.

(Gerald) #5

I don’t know Oliver would look great as a Dallas Cowboy.

Getting rid of O’Brien would be great. Either that or get an offensive coordinator who can run a decent offense.
I do like the changes the Texans have made in free agency though …


He looks too good in red, so I’m thinking for Arizona or Kansas City.


Deep down inside, I am afraid it will be Cleveland. I see no hope for that poor team next year. Maybe they’ll win a couple.

(Cristian) #8

Its bound to be Cleveland and i dont wish that dumpster fire on Ed at all. But imagine if they had a good team what they could do with all those good college players. H. Wilson, Peppers, Gordon, Kizer, Coleman, Garett, Ed. SMH

Also i saw this comment when the season ended from a fan. I think you guys might enjoy it also.

(Mike Higdon) #9

O’Brien isn’t a defensive guy; he’s a QB whisperer! Just look at how he developed Case. I think he whispered, “You’re not an NFL QB.” Too bad he just whispers BS and doesn’t really know how to actually coach them up.


Yup, they also have Carl Nassib, Tyrod Taylor, and Jarvis Landry. They might end up signing Odell Beckham Jr. as well. I honestly think the Browns are a QB from becoming a good team. Tyrod is certainly the best they’ve had in over 10 years. We’ll see, but Ed still needs to sign with the Texans! haha