The Most Successful Sports Program


The men and women’s T&F teams are undoubtedly the most successful sports programs at UH. There is no reason that we can’t compete with Arkansas and Oregon on the national scene on a yearly basis. Leroy Burrell is an outstanding head coach and the men’s program has improved with the addition of Carl Lewis.


Historically, it would be men’s golf due to the number of championship appearances and national championships won.

From a current perspective, I agree the men’s track and field have been the most successful. I hope we keep this winning streak up and being home multiple championships in the upcoming years. We are due one!

(Patrick) #3

We have a good chance at the Outdoor National title this year. What the coaches have done to set UH up for this kind of success is incredible. We are truly a power in track and field and look to be one for the foreseeable future. There are no limits with this program.


Agreed, throughout our history, golf ranks #1 in terms of winning national championships.

Current history, T&F ranks #1 among UH programs in terms of conference championships and individual national honors.

Also, we’ve had numerous track stars win individual NCAA championships, and as a team I believe UH is building program to compete on the national scene with the likes of Oregon and Arkansas.


Couldn’t agree more and let’s hope to sustain it and bring the women side up also.