The most telling stat for our defense

         Att    comp    %        Yds        yd/catch      TDS    INT     Passer rating

Totals 473 295 62.4 3291 7.0 10 15 121.46

It is all on our D Coordinator and his charmin soft zone.

(Cary) #2

Those are the passing defense stats?


yes for the season.

(Dustin) #4

So we allowed 7 yards per pass attempt, which is pretty average. And we had 10 TDs allowed vs 15 picks, which is great. And we did that with a secondary that was replacing a ton of talent and was highly inexperienced. What was your point again?


You are missing the point. We allowed teams to move down the field without giving up the ball. They kept the ball and scored on us. 7 of the 15 interceptions came in 3 games, SMU, East Carolina and Temple. And 3 of our defensive tds from interceptions were against East Carolina. If you take out Rice and Temple passing stats which were under 50% then the average completion against us was 84%. You win very few games giving up a completion ratio of 84%. Fresno figured us out after the 3rd series. Their QB hit 11 straight completions and then win on 10 out of 11 later in the game. Allowing QB’s who have any ability at all to play pitch and catch with their receivers is suicide for a football team. Against Fresno State we had the ball far less than Fresno in the second half. I don’t have an exact number but likely we had the ball less than 40% of the time. Tedford who has been out of the game for a while outcoached Major big time.

(Paul Marlow) #6

We really miss Taylor and and Bowser on the blitz. We haven’t been able to blitz the quarterback pretty much all year when we needed to dial up pressure. I am hoping this changes with some of the new faces on defense next year. If you give the quarterback all day, then he will pick you a part.


Yes Ray, Tedford absolutely schooled Applewhite.

Once again, an opponent’s QB had a career day against our soft pass defense while our offense remained bland and unimaginative.


What was amazing in the Fresno game was that number 14 was not even on the screen with
their receiver sometimes because he was 11 yards off the line. Most of the time he was 9
yards off the line and that meant their receivers were simply not impeded and ran freely
without any disruption of their timing and that led to the deep passes being completed. Timing
is crucial. How did we end up with this coach?

(hersh levitt) #9

Change needed is getting rid of D’Onforio There is a reason he was at the Boy’s Club last year. He is not aggressive,and does not make changes. We played the same soft Defense all season. Very depressing to think we have another season of him. He is not utilizing Ed Oliver to his fullest,he does not move him around. We were spoiled with Todd Orlando

(Charles) #10

One more game where their receivers simply ran to the first down marker, turned around and caught an easily thrown pass. crap

(jimmyschofield) #11

I remember when we hired D’Onofrio and a Miami fan posted pics of his soft zone in the red zone. His DB’s were literally in the end zone when the opponent was on the 8 or 9 yard line. Ridiculous. It happened again last night. I remember one third-and-1 where the DB’s were so far off the slot receiver really didn’t have to block anyone for them to pick up the first down after a simple toss to the outside receiver. Unreal.

(VancouverCOOG) #12

I fully agree that we absolutely need a new DC right now.

I hope Pezman finds a solution to this.

(Eric Prado) #13

If you don’t realize that zone coverage is apart of the game plan I don’t know what else to tell you. We know it would be worse under man to man. We don’t have the LBs to blitz on every play like we did with TO.

I also think CMA and co strongly believed our offense was better than it showed last night. We scored more points against FSU than only Alabama and Washington St. To me its easy to see CMA felt its ok to let them score some points but our offense should score more. All year he said the Defense = firefighters putting out the fires for the team. I think this thought helps explain why we lost 4 games by less than 7.

I’m disappointed with this season but I also see lots of room for improvement that would help CMA produce a better game plan. Our sophomore skill players will be Juniors next year. Our freshmen defensive players that saw some game experience this year will probably start next year. Plus we have some ballers coming in early this spring. I’m bullish on the future for this program.

But I agree with most on this board the OC hire will set the tone for the offseason. I like the idea that it needs to be someone that can take control.


Our blitzes have either been telegraphed very early allowing time for QB to change into good play or way too late from safety with no chance at making any impact other leaving hole in secondary. Something has looked off when we blitz all year.


Agreed. Imagine how bad this D would have been this year w/o Ed.


We only had two interceptions vs ECU, one for a TD.


I read my stats wrong they were even worse, we gave up 3 tds via passing and had only one interception. ECU was 54/74 on the day for 73%. Fresno was just 67%.

(PMM) #18

We really miss Orlando !

And by the by, we now know that Johnson wasn’t the problem with the offense !

Should not be a surprise to anyone who has watched this offense for the last THREE years !

(PMM) #19

Still drinking the CMA kool-aid I see !!!

If I were you, you should drink adult beverages in large amounts before each game you attend next year !

It will not help your analysis, but you might feel better:sunglasses:

(Drew) #20

Good point. TO moved Oliver all over the line and the players rarely sat in a stance for too long allowing offenses to audit plays. Our blitzes were usually disguised or delayed with lots of scheming, forcing the QB to make quick reads. This isn’t a talent issue. Hell, Texas had a roster full of highly rated players that couldn’t stop anyone before Orlando arrived. They look completely different now.