The Nate Hinton Thread (Highlights, Stats, etc.)


Stats (Per Game): 19mins -7.2pts- 4.4 rbs - 1.0 stl -1.3 asts

unanimous all-freshman team

(Patrick) #2

This kid is going to be a stud next year. Might lead the team in scoring.

(Tom) #3

He has a fantastic basketball IQ and is a natural leader. Future is bright for Hinton. Can’t wait to watch this young man ball. Go Coogs!

(Randy Worrell) #4

I think he will be put on the other teams leading scorer in most situations!

(Shawn) #5

I agree with others on this thread. Nate Hinton has the talent to be a star for CKS at UH. He could be a Jarron Cumberland type player for our Coogs…6’5" 215 lbs. with the ability to score from anywhere on the court. He has the skills to take over games. Like Cumberland, Nate Hinton can shoot the long ball, he can post you up, he can dribble/drive with a mid-range shot, or he can finish at the rim. He needs more experience and to keep improving on defense. As we all know, if you slip up on defense, CKS will go nuts and give you a seat on the bench. Nate Hinton has all of the tools and I believe his defense will continue to get better. I agree with Raw above…Nate Hinton has the skills and athleticism to defend the other team’s leading scorer. More experience and polish on defense and he will be a star. I’m excited to watch him play in 2019-2020.

Go Coogs. Peace.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

He had a streak of 17 games against conference opponents in which his stats looked like:

46 of 95 FG, 20 of 37 3PT, 25 of 28 FTs

If he spends most of the off-season practicing when to take the open 3 and when to fake, penetrate and score or dish, there is no reason to believe he can’t end up with even better numbers than Cumberland or Davis had for 2018-19.


We have three major offensive threats next year. Hinton is one of them. We can beat anybody.


I hope so. If he does, UH is a top 10 team.



Can all become big time scorers. Plus, the supporting cast is not too shabby like Gresham, Harris, Sasser, Alley, Roberts, and hopefully Smith.


Harris needs to shoot free throws 8 hours a day all day the entire summer!

(John m Bevil) #11

When I see the big guys struggling with free throws, it is always mentioned, why don’t we bring in Calvin Murphy to show them the form. Why not show them the Rick Barry form. With big hands, it is like shooting a softball for them, with the heighth. there would seem a big advantage under hand.

(Ricky ) #12

2:53-3:05 :hushed:

(Jimmy Morris) #13

In today’s climate, most players don’t have the guts to be teased shooting granny style. There is less of a social stigma being a 14th man walk on than shooting free throws like that. The best a coach can do is say “try granny style, if your percentage improves you will get more playing time and late game minutes.” It still takes a lot of practice to get good at it. Chinanu Onuaku went from 47% to 59% switching to granny style. Three years in G League he is 68%. For all we know Harris has tried it in practices and he didn’t improve enough to be worth the teasing.

So many convos we have had about free throw shooting but everyone assumes we don’t practice them enough without knowing a single fact about how much we do practice them or if we have ever brought in specialists.