The new reality in College football

Is that Van Halen

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So I was in the camp that thought King would stay. I am anyone. So saying I was delusional is an insult to em, as if I am not a functional adult who can decide for himself.

Just seems like you are pettily gloating. You had no inside knowledge. Just because he left didn’t make you “right” or “wrong”. I will never understand why people gloat over something they have no inside knowledge of or any part of.


College Football hasn’t been College Football for decades.
College Football is a subsidized farm league for the NFL and the minor leagues.
It is in many ways a better deal for the NFL than the MLB farm system is for MLB.
We prop it up by voting for more tax dollars, buying more tickets, buying more T-Shirts, and donating more to our team. What do people go to college for? I worked my way through UH so I could be the first from my family to graduate and make a better life. Some of my classmates in the College of Technology wanted to be in the NFL and they made it. Football wasn’t their backup plan, being a businessman was their backup plan. Good for them for making it, good for them for trying and not growing old wishing they had. When I started UH in the late 70s the whole Student Athlete myth was already shattered. The whole Olympic Ideal and amateur sports ideal are B.S. I always wanted to be a racecar driver. I had to wait until I graduated and could buy a car. I tried the SCCA amateur ladder. I am not a professional racecar driver, by a lot. But if you believe in the purity of competition for it’s own sake, it is more real in amateur motorsports than college revenue athletics. The notion that not getting paid makes it pure is pure B.S… For a current pop current reference many of you non-race fans saw the movie Ford vs Ferrari. In it Christian Bale played Ken Miles, as pure a sportsman as there ever was. The original Olympians got gifts, endorsements, money, etc., when they got home. I forgot the rule on posting links. If this is a banned thing , delete it.
The nude part is funny. Enjoy what you like about sports now, it will always change, but there was always compensation. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for sharing your opinion

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If you want gloating then may I suggest the WV Mountaineers blog.

That we can agree upon,

Reality in College Sport in General…as sung by BS&T many years ago (for you old timers)…

Them that’s got gonna get,
them that’s not gonna lose !!

King wasn’t a transfer, what are you talking about?

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To be fair, the staunch King follwers were often pretty insulting to those of us who were convinced he was not returning.


One of those posters wanted us banned, put on trial, punished, you name it for simply saying
" He gone "
What in the Sam hill is going on here!

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My bad. I thought he transferred from TCU rather than just changing his commitment.

Yes he only changed his commitment(hadn’t signed) to UH from TCU when Herman was hired.

I’m just disappointed by the way it went down. It wasn’t fair to the coaches and the players. The snotty lineman that aired his laundry on twatter should have seen that he was off the mark. I just wish people would quit trying to be hip and cryptic on twatter. Just say it in plain English. People will understand and will empathize with you.

“I have some decisions to make. I know you all care. My decisions are in my best interest. Thank you for your support and concern. I will make my decision public at an appropriate time.”

But I guess that’s too many characters.


Only a few people really knew how it went down, is our program better if now than it would have if king entered the portal mid season? Would we have had worse recruits sign…more players enter the portal? Lost to every FBS opponent?

Definitely getting that way. The change has been pretty dramatic compared to my almost 40 years of association

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I just believe in taking a man’s word unless otherwise proven to be questionable. Respect is easily destroyed but is a steep climb back!

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Exactly. The topic I made is not being able to take comments at face value and having one’s intelligence insulted. I realize self-interest rules with millions on the line. I just can’t suspend disbelief. I miss Case Keenum. He was genuine. You deciphered my post of disappointment. Perhaps I should have worded it differently. (Is Dana angling for his son to start QB? He admitted telling a legitimate recruit that his son was back up recruit would be better off going elsewhere) At least he’s was honest with the kid I guess.

Perhaps I worded my post wrong. I am disappointed. I can’t suspend disbelief. I miss Case Keenum. He was genuine. Herman seems to have ushered in something different.

Man, you are a salesman and huckster’s dream. Unless I have enough of a relationship with someone, I always have some reservations about what I’m being told by someone, especially if it is of any importance. I also realize that what one believes and says today may change, or the guy could have been mislead by others. Things are rarely set in stone.

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Yes. Tom Herman and his Judas kiss. I look back at at Case Keenum and think “ That guy was stand up,heart and soul for UH. No front door, back door, manipulation. I miss that