The Onside Kick

It happened. It was a huge swing in momentum even though the D stopped them on that drive. It is over. However, we have got to watch for that the rest of the year, especially if a team is down to us and kicking into the wind. They don’t want to kick to 5 or the guy beside him might as well try to get the ball and if they don’t oh well at least it wasn’t a house call. Our guys are more than capable of big returns.


Why was there absolutely not one red jersey anywhere near the ball?


Brain fart…it happens…bet it don’t occur rest of the season

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At the game my brother pointed out an “alignment” concern. We only have 4 guys lined up around the 50 yard line - whereas other teams typically have 5 guys lined up there. So I’m sure that BYU noticed our questionable alignment and then kicked over to the open spot.

That was a very costly special teams blunder and helped turn the momentum to BYU. Hopefully, we correct this alignment issue or we’ll likely see more of the same.


It was our second game. We will be better. Remember, none of our players want to lose. Other than the personal fouls, none of our mistakes last night were intentional. Coogs will get it going!


Well I’m moving on to next week after I rewatch the game. Coogs must get ready for more of the same against Navy.

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Right before it happened I said to myself, “watch for the inside kick. This is the perfect time for one.” Unfortunately I was right.

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they spotted on tape from previous week that our front line was starting to retreat before the ball was kicked thus opening up a much bigger cushion - our front line will have more discipline going forward I’m sure


If this was the only special teams failure, I’d cut some slack.

It wasn’t though. We have to figure that out. There were several.

They caught us sleeping and outsmarted us on 2 momentous times, the Onside being 1, and the shovel pass for TD being the 2nd. We couldn’t recover afterwards.
They used our strength (physicality) against us and took off with momentum.


Yes, but the brain fart was by the ST coach… unacceptable on a KO.


Exactly. You don’t line up 15 yards off the ball on a KO.

After the kick, how many of us yelled “WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED???” Kudos to them for watching the little things and exploiting them.

This is what it looked like to me live. It looked like they went back to block way early.

My guess is the tape showed that happening last week too. Y’all did a great job of exploiting it.

That said, it’s the ST coach’s job to pay attention to stuff like this. Again, I can handle mistakes but there is a pattern here.


For me and the people around us in the crowd the targeting call and ejection got us fired up and BYUs bench up and had that nervous walking around that looked like they all wanted to get back on the field and do something.

Weird turning point but that’s how it felt to me.

If that were the turning point, I wouldn’t have expected us to score.

Yeah it didn’t look like a risky gamble. It looked like exploitation.

They can clean that one up fast. With all the weird schedules do to COVID I have to wonder if special teams gets cheated in practice sometimes.

Gotta give the UH D credit for stepping up and keeping point off the board. The momentum and field position were against them but they stood strong.


Everything can be cleaned up which is good news. That said, there shouldn’t be so much dumb stuff to clean up.


yes sir, sure he got chewed. Buck stops at the top and CDH doesn’t seem to shy from that…as it should be


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