The Silver Lining

No parameters other than college basketball… (preferably UH-related)…

  • Did not have to play The Spaz again

  • Chris Harris Jr.

  • Coach Bishop did another ridiculously under-rated job of keeping our guys fit and healthy

  • CKS and the coaching staff

  • UT went winless in the Tournament…again :wink:

  • we were undefeated in tournament play this season

  • this virus has made me forget about being salty about the Tulsa loss


Chris Harris Jr. Period.


Yes. You have to hand it to the staff. The only real injuries after the season started were nagging injuries to grimes and a couple of other little things that I recall. Maybe it’s Sampson’s grueling d-oriented practices too. There’s an old adage that tough people just don’t get hurt as much.


We are not Dayton or San Diego - both having great years - especially Dayton - can you imagine how their fans feel - once in a lifetime team for those guys… going no where.


They would have been working hard to defend their Nobody’s Interested Tournament championship.

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