The Thot Plickens

Pleas have been copped, trials held and juries have found guilty a few conspirators.

Emboldened the NCAA rides in for its justice:


Considering how much CKS got punished for texting too much, I’d hope the punishment for some of these coaches is much more severe.

Won’t hold my breath, though.


Yeah. Not holding mine either.

Let’s hope LSU gets hit. I have heard that they may be our toughest competition for Jonathan Aku.

Jonathan Aku 247 page

Louisiana Tech, Lafayette and Monroe are all shaking to find out what their punishments will be for LSU transgressions.


I wonder if the reality of playing on a probation team caused the kid to change his recruitment?

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I know that was just transposing letters, but “thot” and “plickens” have some pretty nasty meanings these days

Huh? Is this another case of people looking for things to complain about? Please explain.

‘Thot’ really is a thing these days, Mike. Kids. Come up with all kinds of weird lingo.

“thot” = That Ho Over There.

I don’t know the other one.



Thank God for being “elderly”. The other word definition is worse (looked it up out of curiosity and hardly worth looking up). Must be rap-speak… I wouldn’t know. All from a simple transposition that I thought was clever.


thot is very common usage amongst youngsters so I knew that one.
Looked up the other one to see if it existed. That one is crazy

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I’m with you on that Al. I miss the American form of the English language before rap and gang crap.