The Two Things Bedeviling Our Team This Season

  1. Zone Defenses

  2. Erratic PG play

There was a reason that Guy Lewis used a Zone Defense so often…it works.

Against lower quality opponents our PG play is fine, sometimes very fine.

Against Cincy and probably other quality opponents, the PG play will, literally, get us beat.

Last season we had magical Guard play. And we had Senior Guard play.

My current best guess is that we do not solve this problem until next Season.


U can add Youth and inexperience to the list


dejon was playing amazing at the point before the f2 …we were up 10 with him in, when he went to the bench for a break, lead dwindled to 4 …he came back in and shortly got the tech

he played a great “point guard” game … he constantly kept blowing by his defender and making great passes, he had 6 assists at the time of the f2…likely 10+ if he plays the whole game…and likely had 6-7 more hockey assists


You do realize that the guard play is the reason we beat down WSU on the road? It was Deeky who took control on breaking the press when the freshman struggled. There will be some occasional lapses because of playing two freshman but to say that the point guard play is the reason we are not a good team is a stretch. We certainly are not going to win game with offense from the bigs.

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I have watched Deeky all season.

Stand by my comments. He did not make great passes yesterday. In 34 minutes of game time he had 6 assists? Rest my case.

He cannot dribble at the level of a top dog PG. Turns it over(as does Grimes).

We lost a 15 point lead with him running the point.

I have watched several U. of Arizona games. Deeky could not start for them. Guard play is really good.

Defend Jarreau all you want but he simply is not good enough for UH to go very far this Season.

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Uninformed. 6 assists in 34 minutes is above average. Go back to watching Arizona and their crooked program


Do you agree with the suspension or are you going to stand up for him there as well? Serious question.

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You are completely wrong Randy. Completely.

I challenge you to prove your comment.

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First off, it was 6 assists in 26 minutes. That averages out to 9 assists in a 40 minute game. Even if he got 6 assists in 40 minutes, that’s not a bad number. He leads the team with about 4 APG. Galen Robinson, who I believe is the best point guard we have had in a long time averaged 5 APG last season. Deeky has a lot of room to improve. Distributing the ball is not one of them.


I looked him up on

His 2 point shooting success is .436.

His 3 point shooting success is .167.

He has 79 assists in 22 games; i.e. 3.6 per game.

I looked up NCAA stats. The top guys in assists average above 6 per game. Deeky does not rank in the top 50 in that category.

He is not “young”. He is 22 and set to graduate in May.

Cincy is the caliber of teams that we will face in March Madness.

Be concerned.


Move the goalposts. You posted 6 assists in 34 minutes, which was inaccurate, it was 26 minutes. The leader in the country averages 8.5/game. An average of 6 would put you in the top 25 in the country.


I think we only had 1 TO in the first half and only 2 when things started to fall apart at the 10 minute mark. I was happy with our pg play at that point.

We really don’t have any consistently good ball handlers. No one dribbles very well and Grimes and Sasser look like the best dribblers to me right now.

Geez, we win, we are going to the final 4.

We lose, we have to wait until next year.

Just FYI, In the AAC, all 6 HOME teams won yesterday !

And the key stat in our game…

Cincy… 31 FT attempts
UH…10 FT attempts


6 assists not shabby, but how many turnovers did he have ? ? ? ? ? Seemed to me he gave the ball away way too many times . . . . .

3 of the 9 total

We’ll get better. Nine regular season games remaining.

This team is like gumbo roux. It just gonna take time to get it right.


Stats aside, what builds my anxiety is out of control ball handling and constantly falling down. And that’s not an attack on an individual player. It’s also the reason I don’t like watching women’s basketball games. So it begs the question… Can a player make an explosive move and land on his feet? Based on decades of watching basketball I would say that yes, it can be done.
Basketball is all about control. There isn’t a single element where that’s not the case.

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Absolut…there are two givens in basketball these days…

  1. A player shooting a free throw must give “five” to all of his teammates after the first (and sometimes second) free throw (not including an “and one”)

  2. Every drive to the basket must result in the driving player falling to the ground, with the exception of dunks

Everything else is chaotic randomness.


We lost that Cinci game because of what’s plagued us all year; turnovers and poor shooting…and for once we couldn’t combat that via the boards. But what dissapointed me the most was when Cinci upped their game, we didn’t. We let the pressure get to us. Never in my life have I seen so many shots hit the front of the rim, which means guys were tight in the shoulders while shooting their shots.


We lost because after DJ was tossed the referees rarely called any fouls against Cincy and they shot 21 more free throws than us.