Theranos founder’s bizarre defense

One of my high school’s most (in)famous grads.

Can’t imagine this defense will work.

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Didn’t she become a Billionaire, lying about those blood tests. Wow, this woman and her companion (s) are crazy. You ever meet her personally?

She was about a dozen years after my time at St. John’s, so no, I’ve never met her.

That said, she’s become a bit of a pariah amongst our SJS alumni.

She succeeded in fooling a lot of wealthy investors into believing that it was possible to build a machine that would do hundreds of tests with a single drop of blood.

Of course, that was all a lie…one that has been all too famously exposed.

Let justice be done!

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Did you see her dancing at Burning Man with her “boyfriend”?

If you did you would be picketing outside the courthouse demanding insanity.

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The documentary on this was insane. How she hoodwinked Walgreens is beyond me. She fancied herself Steve Jobs, but Steve Jobs actually delivered innovative products that worked. I am convinced she has a personality disorder (AKA mental illness), but not legally insane.

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What do you guys think about her Voice?

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It sounds too deep to be real. Probably a put-on.



I wonder if she’ll wear black turtlenecks and puffy vests at her trial?


It’s been documented she practiced lowering her voice… since it was a male dominated industry she felt she would be taken more seriously with a lower, masculine voice. There are tapes of her real voice and it’s much higher pitched.

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Lol, I dunno. She openly admitted she wore black turtlenecks to “honor” steve jobs. This would be funny if she hadn’t literally put people’s lives at risk, and she probably killed some people too with false readings.


I agree with that assessment. “Sissy CEO” voice. In fact, it reminds me of the parody voice moms use when they’re quoting Dad.

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