There's no excuse this season


More than 2 losses and CMA has to go


Two losses or less and briles may go and we are stuck with cma


I think this is going to be a 2015 type year.


So many talented tranfers and deep depth for the QB spot

Our best Defense since 2015, yeah we have to make noise this year

(Alfred Matthews) #5

I AGREE. No excuses this season and I don’t wanna hear yall make any either. New years 6 or bust!

(Brad) #6

Tough crowd. 9-3 and a bowl win for 10-3 gets Applewhite fired?

(Alfred Matthews) #7

depends on how 9-3 end up being. at the least Applewhite should take this team to the aac title game. his schedule is manageable this season.


I don’t think it gets him fired, but I also think it matters how we get to that record. I’m just tired of losing to teams we should never lose to, like Tulsa and Tulane last year. That’s inexcusable, even if those are the only losses we have.


The big questions to answer, for me at least, are 1. Is the O-line going to be able to get the job done. I’ve heard all about the wide splits and all, and a simplified blocking scheme will help but many times last year they just weren’t strong enough to drive people off the ball. I’ve seen video of guys lifting this off season but I don’t recall any that were I-9linemen.

  1. Will they be able to win when they play poorly? In 2015 the poor game was at UCONN. GW or no GW, no way we should have lost to them that year. In 2016, we played poorly vs Navy and SMU. I don’t count the bowl game fiasco vs SDSU. Last year, the games in which I think the team played poorly were Tulsa, there I said it, and Tulane.

  2. Will we play well for 4 quarters. We had a lot of really good halfs last year but not many full games.

So will the O-line be good enough to get the job done? Can we win even when we don’t play very well? Can we play well 4 quarters?

Two or more nos and we lose 3 or 4 games (at least 1 and maybe both AU and TTU, Memphis, and an AAC team we should beat, pick one). One no and we lose one or two. All yeses and we are undefeated.

I’m not a pessimist. I think our D will be lights-out 90% of the time. Offense is a question mark for me.


I think Kendall Briles will be the next UH coach in waiting.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

yep. and a more likely candidate to stay for the long haul as well. that’s what I’m hoping for.


why would he stay any longer than his daddy did?

(09Frontiersmen) #13

We are a lot further along as a program than when CAB was here.


Briles left for a P5 and more money, Scumlin left for a P5 and more money, LTH left for a P5 and more money. If Applewhite is successful he will leave for more money. I do not believe there are any coaches in the college ranks that have the integrity and loyalty such as Bill Yoeman.


I share that same kind of concern, but at the same time what if CMA was to learn Briles’s system? I think that CMA is still a smart guy despite some mistakes as a first year head coach. I would like to think that even in the case that Briles leaves CMA would be able to continue the offense and make sure there is no drop off.


Losing to Tulsa and Tulane with no apologies may mean more of the same. Keeping
a standout highly mobile lineman mired in the middle of the line every play neutralizes him
'without the opponents doing anything. I will welcome a turnarond, but so far I have not seen
the coaching I want to see. I am ready for 60 percent occupancy at TDECU stadium.


I have very high hopes for what Randy Clements can do with the O-line. Very high hopes.


Clements is a good coach, but this will the linemen first season with him. Oline could be an issue again. Next year they will be better, if coaching staff stays intact.

(09Frontiersmen) #19

LSU is P5, has money, and is close to home for Applewhite.

(sarkcoog) #20

If it was just family, we would be in good shape. Applewhite’s family is in Baton Rouge, Spouse’s family is in San Antonio. Houston is in the middle.

However, money would be the difference.