Things not working so well in the deep freeze

Add to,this post any stories humorous or otherwise

2 I have heard
touch less kitchen sink faucet froze because you can’t set it to drip

lady asks on next door,…I have an electric car, how is everyone else charging theirs?

on the reverse side …saw a pic of a radiant heat source created by turning a terra cotta pot upside down elevated by bricks and candles underneath…I sent to my stepdaughter who has no heat in college station and she said it works well for heating a room

Was sure this was a viagra discussion thread.


lol. should have answered ‘with wind energy’.

Shhh, don’t tell OldtimeCoog that gas pumps are also electric powered.



That is why I filled both my cars before the freeze hit.

My mistake was not filling up a gas can for the generator. Only had a gallon and a half on hand. Was able to go out and secure 7 gallons which was more than ample.

Of course, my wife, upon learning I was going out in search for gas, said “stop by Starbucks and bring me a latte”.



Electric car owner charge up at home, so they should have had full charges before the outage hit. Some can go 350 miles per charge. Plenty to survive a week without power.

Except mileage goes down significantly if you turn on the heater

They have a heat pump in the Y but not sure what that does to the mileage

So knock 10% off the range. What’s that 30 miles?

That’s why they have heated seats, they’re more efficient.

Got my sprinkler system fixed yesterday.

Everything is back to normal now.

I need to do a better job of draining and winterizing that thing next year!


Tesla’s lose 60 miles of range when the heater is used. Doesn’t include HVAC which, I imagine, is needed to defog the windshield.

I wouldnt be joy riding around in a semi-rare winter storm when roads are treacherous, electricity is out, and water is an issue. I go in hunker down mode. If I had a Tesla, I’d consider it as my emergency warmer in the garage without the fear of carbon monoxide poisoning and cell phone charger of last resort.

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