This is doing a lot of damage to our program

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This is coaching. We literally can’t afford to squander all the advancement we made under Herman and we are well on our way.

Back to back embarrassing collapses is coaching.


Sorry, all momentum/buzz from the Herman era is gone. Absolutely gone.

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That’s my point.

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Hopefully next week we restart the momentum with a huge win vs USF.
Do I think Major Applefright and this staff of retread coordinators capable ???
Hoping for a surprise…

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I’m an optimistic guy but I think the sample size is big enough now. Applewhite inherited a very good situation and is blowing it big time.

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I’m worried that Applewhite would have been better suited for Texas State or North Texas; a program where expectations are lowered and he can gain the experience he obviously needs to be a head coach.

Problem is, we had/have expectations of being a name team in the CFB landscape and needed someone that wasn’t learning on the job. Wrong fit at the wrong time from what I’ve seen so far.

Only hope now is that he learns quickly, takes a good look at his staff this offseason, and gets better fast. With that contract, I doubt we fire him after one year.


I have no idea which thread to throw this in but I’m still in utter shock. Just plain disbelief in what I saw in that second half tonight. This one hurts.


I absolutely NEVER want to have a head coach who wants to be here. That breeds complacency. I’d rather have some guy with fire and motivation to succeed and move on like Briles/Sumlin/Herman and be looking for a coach every 2 years. It means we are probably going 20-4 or so and are nationally relevant.


No one has brought up the fact that HY botched the schedule this year as well. When is our bye? It needs to be between week 5 and 6 from now on. Our guys could be tired as well.


This is what you get with continuity hiring…Levine and Applewhite, another botched hire. Quit hiring OJT HC, plain and simple. Hire a young hard charger on the way up that has proven himself. If he’s successful, UH is relevant and until get to P5 status they’ll move on. Would you rather have Sumlin/Herman or Levine/Applewhite?


Respectfully, the program is bigger than any coach now. We have invested in facilities to a point that we will be relevant going forward. Unlike when Briles took over, we no longer have to ask “Can Houston ever be relevant on a national stage again”. Those questions have been answered.

The current situation is very disappointing. Last night and Tech were winnable games. Would Herman and the prior staff won those games with the current players? I don’t know, Herman and the prior staff are losing close games up in Austin. We are 4-3 and Texas is 3-3. Yes Texas has played better teams than we have but Texas has recruits that are as good as anyone’s.

Maybe 2015 and 2016 wasn’t about coaches. Maybe those years were about Greg Ward. Did Herman / Applewhite make Greg Ward or did Greg Ward make Herman and Applewhite?


Greg Ward almost made Tony Levine, too.


Wanting to be here is okay…promoting an assistant from the previous staff to HC is what seems to backfire on us.


Facts. Though the season is in shambles, we are still the most attractive G5 program, and will be for a very long time.

I’m going to go with the latter. People don’t understand Greg Ward Jr. was a generational talent. King, Smith, and Amie may be similar athletically, but Greg Ward was magic and was about as clutch as the Rockets in the 90’s.

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A good portion of that was gone before he officially left but I get what you are saying.


Damage is exactly right. It might as well be 2014 again. We are back to not relevant status. Attendance against ECU will be terrible. Navy on the Friday after Thanksgiving will be worse. CMA will have to win back the fans and in this geography that will not be easy.

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Won’t be easy? Sounds like your making hard for no reason.

If you’re a fan you’ll be there. Screw everyone else.


Oh no, it’s hard for a reason (that’s what she said).

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BS !!

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That is all true, but Ward did not play Defense !!