This is why I don't mind Thursday night games

(steve saxenian) #41

Tech and TCU are in a conference which doesn’t acknowledge our existence and didn’t vote to include us. AAC supports us and should have our focus and support.

(Jimmy Morris) #42

The toughest part for me about watching USF vs Tulsa tonight, is that I’ll be torn between wanting USF to kick the snot out of Tulsa to bolster their ranking before playing us versus wanting USF to just barely beat Tulsa so I feel better about our chances of beating them in two weeks.

(David) #43

I think you will get the latter. Tulsa has been close in some games and their running game seems decent. That FR QB panicked in the pocket when pressured. Montgomery should roll him out on more pass plays. He looked comfortable outside the pocket on the move. Still want USF to win but think it will be close.


USF hasn’t shown the ability to blow anyone out yet. I think they win another close one tonight.

(Chris Vaughan) #45

TCU QB can’t hit the ocean from a boat

(Russel ) #46

No argument with that! Lets put pressure on the CFP to expand and gurantee a spot to the highest ranked g5 champion. I also wouldnt mind entrance to the PAC 12 or ACC if another round of expansion does indeed take place.