This isn’t rational but this hurts more than Michigan

(Jason) #21

I’ve been a Houston sports fan for the better part of 30-plus years since I started following it religiously, and there is only ONE that surpasses the Michigan Miracle for me in terms of the heartbreak I have witnessed – and that would be the Oilers Buffalo debacle in 1993.

Last night doesn’t come close, as unfortunate it was. The technicals weren’t the difference. The Owls shooting 110% from the free throw line was the difference


For me Michigan is NC State 2.0

(Russel ) #23

I thought a tier 1 win or loss on the road is if the team ranked in top 75 in net. Anyway temple has moved up to 41 now.

(Tom Green) #24

Hmmm. Not sure then. I had the Quads known as Q1, Q2, Q3 Q4 as split up as Q1 -1-50, Q2- 51-100, Q3- 101-150. Maybe someone can substantiate.


I think Q1 is 1-30 at home, 1-50 at a neutral site, and 1-75 on the road.


It wouldn’t have matter except for the 5 point foul shot debacle.

(Patrick) #27

You got it.


Head stomach and balls, again and again, for 35 yrs and counting

(Jimmy Morris) #29

Everyone has their own opinion but I agree with Johnny, doesn’t feel rational to think that it hurt worse than Michigan.