This Offense

(Aaron) #1

Is horrendous. Sorry, new to the board but coming into the season I was so worried about the defense and our DC hire.

It’s actually the offense that is concerning. It’s literally the same system we ran with Ward and won the AAC/Peach Bowl with 2 years ago, but it just seems so conservative and bland now.

The first half of this game looked great! Like we finally had an offense, and should have went in with 27 Points. But I think Postma got hurt, so I gave him a pass. Then we come into the 2nd half once again and lay an egg. Applewhite neexts to fix this and QUIT running swing and screen passes. Do we even throw cross routes?

I’m watching SMU right now and they look like the UH from 2 years ago. This offense needs to step up or we’re not gonna win many games this war. If we keep playing like this SMU, USF, & Memphis will smoke us. Help the defense! PLEASE fix this offense.

(Also nice site, I’ll be a regular here)

(Eric Prado) #2


(jb) #3

Yeah, if next Saturday’s game goes anything like today’s it’ll be a definite loss for the Coogs. Hope they turn things around in short order on the offensive side of the ball.

(Aaron) #4

As do i. I feel like this offense can be explosive, penalties need to be addressed, and hopefully Postma can continue to improve with more reps with the starters. Mixing in some King as well will help.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

I think getting a “5 men in the backfield” penalty on the offense in two straight games means Applewhite and Johnson are in over their heads. Players dropping balls, throwing interceptions, getting holding calls happens every game to every team. Players not even lining up right, that is on the coaches. Are we going to have to hire a set of referees to come to practices?

(PortlandCoog) #6

Agreed that should never happen.


What does s referee cost to attend practice? A dollar 380? I’ve got that. Get one out there.

(Craig C.) #8

Every year is different, you have young QBs playing, they might be Jr and Sr but not much starting xp. Gonna have to lean on the Def until they come around. If Tech could only put up 27 on UH I’m not worried about any other off