This Time, UConn Will Have Jalen Adams In Vital Rematch With Houston

**This Time, UConn Will Have Jalen Adams In Vital Rematch With Houston


This game should be close. UCONN’s been beating teams by a few points lately. Will probably be low scoring; hopefully our guys hit their shots.

UH will win against UCONN. UConn doesn’t have the depth or size to bother UH.

Down 10 at half and the COOGS have comeback and outscored UCONN by 19 in the 2nd half. Still 6:35 left.

Dotson’s put the team on his back, Gray finally woke up in the 2nd half after only scoring 2 in the 1st, And the Coog big men are hanging in there against the tall UCONN guys.

Coogs are battling.

Facey and Purvis both have 4 fouls for UCONN. No Coog with more than 3.

Gray finally gets his 10th point with just under 5 to go.

These refs aren’t good.

Looks like we got the same caliber of officiating as last game.

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Meyer is having a good game.

Yes he is. Been the 2nd best Coog tonight.

Dot for 3! COOGS up 63-55 with 2:30 to go

Purvis for 3 to make it 63-58 Coogs.

COOGS to the line for 2 with 1:37 left

65-61 with :59 left. Davis to the line for 2.

Facey fouls out.

This one is going down to the wire.

Olly just helped us.

Davis makes 1 of 2 and then Ollie gets a T for slamming his clipboard down after a loose ball call that went for UCONN. Strange.

66-61 Coogs. 2 free throws coming up.

Dot hits both. 68-61 Coogs

Galen with a silly foul. UCONN makes both - 68-63. 45 seconds

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