Thoughts for 2019 FB season

True. In trying to assess this year’s regular season record, I looked at last year’s regular season stats. Sans Army. It was 46.5 in the regular season. 557 points in 12 games.

Besides, King was out for Army, and Briles was mailing it in as he was off to FSU…


Possibly the dumbest thing I’ve read in awhile. And you are a good poster - so that’s out of character for you.

Dana won’t be judged on Season 1 here.

And the trajectory is much different now than it was under Major…


I will take -3.6 points all day because we aren’t going to go at breakneck speed all the time like we did with CKB. The defense will not give up as many points because TOP should be more even.


A good reason stats do not tell the tale of a successful offense. We took our offense off the field as much as anyone because of dumb play calling and lack of a real philosophy. Not to mention the extra stress they put on an already bewindered defense.


Yep, this was the point of my post. Offensively, I don’t think we’ll have as many (or any) 3-and-out drives that last a grand total of 27 seconds of game clock (consisting only of hang time of DK bombs). I also think the defense will get WAY more stops either in the form of punts or turnovers. So even if our schedule is 7 points harder (not sure how that’s even calculated), I believe worst case scenario is our offensive is just as lethal and our defense will be infinitely better than it was last year just by upgrading the staff and scheme. Our success (or lack thereof) against OU and Wazzu will be a factor of how quickly the team picks up the new schemes and how quickly they gel as units.


Welcome aboard! I have predicted 14-0 as well!


Some of you focus on stats which cannot be measured as factors for this season.

Agreed! Unless you multiply those statistics by the IQs of Coach NoD and CJC. Then we can start to talk about applying last years stats to this year.

A great coach makes all the difference.
COOGS go 14-0 and are co-champions this year!


We are breaking in completely new players at cornerback, linebacker and some of the D Line.

And 3 of the first 4 games are against offenses that will probably be (conservatively) top 25-30 nationally by most metrics when its all said and done next year. The improvements on the coaching staff both in recruiting and on the field are night and day over the last staff, in no small part due to the huge budget given to CDH to hire a good staff. Saying this team’s “floor” is 8-4 like I’ve seen some in this thread say is wildly unrealistic.

Our offense should be great, but the last 2 staffs screwed the pooch bad on defensive recruiting (take a gander at our 2015-16 classes). CDH’s staff (especially Belk, Early and Etheridge) have done as much as humanly possible to get this defense more D1 ready than when they arrived on campus. That alone should make everyone optimistic about the long-term trajectory.


no matter how good we are, Tulsa will almost always hand us a loss or give us a very tough game.

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I just realized we are not playing Rice.

We are their Superbowl. So does Rice, UTEP, Memphis good or bad, Marshal…etc.

Progs, we haven’t beaten them in six (?) years so yeah.

When I posted these projections on another board, I also said that we’re going to be a much better team this year, despite the record. But I don’t know which of those projected losses you think we’re supposed to win. OU is OU. Wazzu might be gettable, depending on how good their replacements at DC and QB are. Cincinnati won 11 games last year. UCF is UCF. And we haven’t beaten Memphis since 2015.

One of our new assistants recently said something to the effect of “everybody better get their shots in on us this year.” Between the wildly improved coaching and the wildly improved recruiting, I agree. We’re going to be filthy in 2020.

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Cougar Red, the ceiling is where you put it.
Nobody knows how good or how bad this team is, if we beat OU again,then the ceiling just changed dramatically.

Maybe a relative statement about the DL? I hope they are strong as a unit but could be some growing pains on the defensive side of the ball.

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I have the lowest expectations I’ve had since we purchased season tickets for the first time in 2015. 6-6 to 8-4 range. Would be really surprised with 8-4.


Ha! On the FB Coogs House group, the majority are saying 7-5 would be a failure.

With our schedule, that is the most realistic range. Anything more than 8 wins and we should be ecstatic and very optimistic for the future.

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