Thoughts for 2019 FB season

True. Anything is possible.

Then again, we have suffered at least 4 losses per year for the last 25+ years save for 2011 and 2015.

It would be shocking if Dana, in his first year inheriting a mismanaged and poorly recruited roster from Applewhite and facing a tough schedule, produces the 3rd best Cougar W-L record in a generation.

If it happens, I’ll enjoy the heck out of it. If it doesn’t, I’m not going to sour on Dana.


Yes, we should. We have ridiculous amounts of talent on offense led by a senior Heisman candidate QB. The defense almost literally can’t get worse than last year. And most importantly the offense and defense will be in sync again.

7-5 is possible to live with (more so 8-5 after bowl) if Washington St is still a top 25 team, UNT is a 10+ win team, Memphis doesn’t lose a beat, and Cincy & UCF are top 25. That would at least give us 1 decent win on the year. If you are fine with 6-6 in 2019, then I guess that means you are fine with 6-6 or 7-5 in 2020 as that schedule wont really be easier while breaking in a new QB.

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Do you mean dirty like trying to twist and bend back someone’s leg after a player is down by contact from a first down reception or dirty like targeting someone’s head while throwing a forearm to the neck dirty?

We will put up more points because of less errors.

I think Dana (and coaches) adds 2 wins.

If that happens then we’ll probably have to fire Holgorsen the following year. We have 8 starters returning on offense including the almost sure all-conference QB plus a 1st team WR, an 800+ yard rusher, and three veteran, senior offensive linemen who will be joined by a guy who started for UCLA last year. And the offense last season was national top five. The defense has some holes to fill, but coaching should be much improved, and we’ve brought in some junior All-Americans.

Keep in mind that next year we are likely to have two or three returning starters on offense with a new QB. The defense should be pretty stout, but it’s not going to be confused with Alabama. Going to be a tough couple of years if we don’t at least win the division this season.


Well, well, well, it’s good to see the battered and bruised, the multi-scarred and severely scalded are ready for another ride in the “Ole Cowboy Bar Car” on the Ghost Train to Pollyannacoat Junction.

No matter how badly the train crashes, the pain and injury caused, there are still folks that are willing to get back aboard the train. Knowing full well this train runs over very deep ravines early in the ride and a large meteor shower is expected mid to late season, here they go, climbing on board looking for that sarsaparilla that can only be found on the “Ole Cowboy Bar Car”.

So you unabashed pollys, load up on gauze, burn ointment and splints. You’re in a for a rocky ride on the Ghost Train to Pollyannacoat Junction. May the Force be with you!


And also with you. Let us pray. :wink:

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110% agree with this.

Question: How long has it been since we’ve hired a coach with a track record as a collegiate level head coach?
I’ve been a Coog fan since the Briles era, and every hire in that period has been a newbie to the head coach position. I think CDH was a great hire because he has proven systems for success built in to his management style which only comes with experience. That’s one reason I’m really excited about the coming season. I have really high expectations, but I’m tempering it with a lot of patience. I think we’re going to punch some teams in the mouth this season.

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Not expecting a CFP appearance, but if we don’t at least compete for the conference championship then we’re looking at one of those three-year rebuilding jobs. I think the end of last season deluded some into thinking that’s who we are. Remember we were 7-1, #17, and then we got hit by a rash of injuries. We were starting 240-pound true freshmen DL and a true freshman QB. I think we can beat Washington State in Houston, a team without Minshew that’s picked 3rd in its division. The coaches didn’t bring in these transfers to get to the Frisco Bowl. We’ll see.


We’re 18-14 against FBS schools since mid-2016.

7-8 against our Division the last three years.

This is what Holgorsen inherited. Of course it’s a rebuilding job.


Immaterial. 1) As mentioned we were 7-1 when injuries hit like the plague. 2) We return 8 starters including an all-conference QB on an offense that finished 5th nationally in scoring. Lot of coaches would love to “rebuild” with such a setup. We’re not paying Holgorsen nearly 5 million to win 6-7 games.

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We are winning more than 7 games this season. How many more? I don’t know, but it will be more. Applewhite and an inept staff won 8 a year.

Experienced HC
Quality AC’s
Lethal O
Improved D (experienced, injured returned, etc.)

Even if we were to be able to hire him and pay him $10 million/year, Nick Saban couldn’t out recruit UT or ATM or Alabama or LSU if he were the head coach here at UH.

However, I do understand the need to win 9-10 games a year in order to attract enough fans and donations to appear ready for a P4-5 invite - which is why we’re paying DH a quite large (by UH standards) but below average salary when compared to our state/region’s P5 head coaches.

A little comparison:

Jimbo Fisher - ATM - $7.5 million/year
Tom Herman - UT - $5.5 million/year
Gary Patterson - TCU - $5.1 million/year
Mike Gundy - OSU - $5.0 million/year
Lincoln Riley - OU - $4.8 million/year

So CDH’s compensation package at UH (~$4 million/year) seems to be more in line with the likes of Texas Tech and Baylor which have both been having recent problems trying to have a winning season.

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Actually, 7.5.

Here’s the thing. Applewhite was favored in Vegas 23 times in 26 games. The schedules he played were much easier than the 2019 schedule.

Context is key.


I don’t know why that’s so difficult for some.

The 23/26 stat is just crazy. And, he went 15-11 in those games. Pretty easy to see why he only lasted 2 seasons.


Depends …

On whether our tissue paper defense can be turned into something more solid … I’m not expecting the steel curtain … a plywood curtain would be nice and a possibility …

King STAYS HEALTHY and we can develop a VIABLE backup QB … IF NEITHER HAPPENS then this board will melt faster than Drogon meets the iron throne part deux …

7 - 5 sounds logical/feasible considering all the unknowns what-ifs Kings-goes-injury-free/Tune turns into a Montana/our defense grows some cajones …

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That is absolute failure to me with King and others back…Applewhite did better than that and he was trying…

Don’t step onto the train!