Thoughts for Texas Tech

UH facing former Houston OC Kliff Klingsbury and former DC David Gibbs. Gibbs led UH to the amazing comeback Bowl win vs Pitt but did not get the HC job and was not retained as DC. Sumlin handed the OC reins to Kliff when Dana Holgerson became HC at West Virginia. I wonder Kliff and Davif have cooked up for this game.

Texas Tech seems to have a pretty good team and Kliff really needs to win this year!

A few thoughts

  • Major Applewhite openly criticized the offensive preparation for the Rice game. I wonder about the psyche of our OC and QB. Will we open up the playbook? We must protect the ball but also need to air it out. Play Calling and Maturity of our leaders on offense will be key! I’ve seen too many WR bubble screens for minimal gain.

  • Our pass D and particularly the new DC has not been tested We need everyone to step up. Ideally we get pressure on the Red Raider QB’s and put forth a formidable pass coverage. Not knowing what to expect from the DC i’m afraid we’ll be in prevent the whole game.

  • I’m confident we can stop the run. If Our RB’s can run the ball we should be in very good shape.

  • Don’t really know if we can defend the pass. Winchester has the experience but the other DB came up short against Rice a couple times.

  • The 11am start should lessen the the crowd noise. I would feel more confident with a night game. A good offensive start will get our fans louder and TxTech will have to face the kind of deafening noise that really hurt Lamar Jackson. We must start strong!

  • I would like to see Ed Oliver score a touchdown and believe it will happen.


Houston 42
Texas Tech 24

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You posted this twice.

If we hold Tech to 24 points, I will be ecstatic and will probably go ahead and crown us AAC champs. It think they’ll score 35, but we’ll score more.

Houston 48
Tech 35

yes, i know
other thread should be deleted

I’m probably too optimistic about our offense.

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I’ve read several threads with comments about how 11 A.M. is going to hurt

  1. Tailgating (spare me and pass the potato salad)
  2. Crowd noise.
    We can fix the crowd noise issue ourselves. Here’s my recipe. (This works on me but maybe you have your own technique for getting your game face on.)
  • Go to bed early on Friday night.
  • Get up around 7 A.M. Saturday
  • Have your spouse or S.O. wear the opposing team’s shirt or jersey, TTU in this case.
  • Spouse or S.O. has instructions to slap you with great force and energy each time you are within range. (OK, if you’re getting slapped by a guy, set some rules beforehand so you don’t get knocked out.)
  • Leave for TDECU in a highly pissed off state of mind and hold it all in (No road rage as that will waste a good state of pissed-offness (I just invented a word. I’m calling it!) in fact, it helps if you drive like an old person, very old.) until the opening kickoff. Then
  • GO NUTS!!!

Is this the first 11am football hosted at TDECU? Why are people concerned about crowd noise?

It is not. Students won’t be there.

For most. The more hours of drinking…the louder we get!

That’s what they said about the Rice game. But nevermind that 5000 student tickets have already been claimed. I’m sure the won’t show up for a free game.

@BannedUserForAbuse maybe you’re right when it comes to older alumni.

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It is not the first 11:00 a.m. game at the new stadium. All the student tickets were gone this morning and the A.D. released 1,000 more. Given the opponent, I can’t think that attendance or noise will be an issue.


If your spouse or S.O. is a guy I hope you are not. Just sayin…

I’m loving how this generation of student Coogs come out strong & fired up.


I’ll have to disagree with this one. Arizona went deep several times and the secondary came out smelling like roses with a couple of batted balls and a strip in the back of the end zone. There were a couple of shorter passes the Arizona QB missed wide open receivers that we can attribute to first game miscommunication that I didn’t see happen against Rice.

My concern with Tech is that we have scored 3 points in the second half total for both of our games. I’m not sure if the other team’s defense quickly figured out what we were doing or the offense got tired and we didn’t make any adjustments. Just kept with the same gameplan. IDK…but I’m worried about that.

CMA was admittedly VERY conservative against Zona and the starters played 1 drive in the 2nd half against Rice. Neither game can be chalked up to adjustments or lack thereof. It was simply us taking our foot off the gas. Don’t think that will be a problem against Tech.

Did you stay to watch the entire game?

It’s clear CMA called off the dogs after the first half of the Rice game. We started playing 2nd and 3rd string players. We almost had a touchdown on a 4th down play but we’re stopped at the one. If we had scored we’d be criticized for beating a dead horse.

I think the argument can be made for the UA game as well. We didn’t sit players but we protected the lead. CMA trusted the defense would keep us ahead. All week he mentioned in press conferences that the play book was limited.

You don’t think students that regularly get up at 8am for classes will show up for a regionally televised game against a 2-0, P5 opponent because 11am is too early to have a great time? Were you really that boring of a person at age 21?

Jeez man, can’t you just pound 10 beers like the rest of us?


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