Thoughts on James Casey

Seems like a good guy from what I know but never hear much about him or from him. Also, funny to note that he’s the tight-ends coach on a team where they play a minimal role in the offense. Is he a good recruiter?

Seemed like a good guy and he kicked our ass a couple of times. I always respected his ability as a player.

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Coaches have mentioned that Casey is extremely intelligent and a sponge. Tight Ends love him, from what I’ve heard, and he’s got a big enough name to help with recruiting. He’s also involved with Special Teams.

I wouldn’t say tight ends have a minimal role on offense. Just because they aren’t catching balls doesn’t mean they aren’t heavily involved in blocking. Brooker played almost every snap against Arizona and the team ran a lot of plays that required Brooker to make a key block.

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The fact that we don’t seem to throw to the right ends is not a Casey problem !

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