Three Years In The Making: The Rise Of Houston Swimming & Diving

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Fantastic look at the Swim program and it’s rise to prominence.

“The vision we set out with was to restore the swimming and diving program to the elite level and heights it achieved in the 70s and 80s,” said Wochomurka. “To put the University of Houston back inside the national and international arena, that includes moving into the top-25 of the NCAA dual meet and weekly polls. Overall, the goal when we arrived here was to create an elite level aquatics program that the University can be proud of.”

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Coach has done a fantastic job. It seems the hiring process for our programs that don’t generate much revenue have nailed it. I believe our woman’s BB coach has turned it around finally this year also our Soccer Coach. Then look at our Track team the Softball team has always been competitive and it looks like this year they are back with our new Coach from last year.

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Definitely. This is one area that I think Yurachek did a much better job than his predecessor on as well as actually supporting these coaches once they were hired.

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