Throw Back Thursday Series - 2015 Season

(Patrick) #1

UHAthletics started a TBT series of the 2015 season last week with the Tennessee tech game, I posted that on the other site, but am migrating it over here:

UHAthletics Video:

Actual Game:

Highlights from after the game;

(Patrick) #2

Today, they went back to the Louisville game

UHAthletics Video:

Unfortunately, this is one of two games from last season that I can’t find online (Tulsa being the other)

Highlights from after the Game:


CTH’s locker room speeches are second to none.

(Patrick) #4

Texas State Game went up today for TBT:

UHAthletics VIdeo:

Full Game:

Highlights from immediately after the game:


Thanks pray10 for the great posts.

(Patrick) #6

On to the Tulsa game (this is the 2nd game of 2 that isn’t up on Youtube or anywhere else)

Video that went up today:

Highlights from immediately after the game:

Herman postgame

Special extra video


That 09 game memory gets better and better every year.


It does!!! Gives me goose bumps EVERY time, and that is even though I know what is going to happen.

(Patrick) #9

It’s Thursday and time to go back to last year’s SMU game:

Full Game:

Highlights from after the game:

Moment from the past:

(Patrick) #10

This week is the Tulane game:

Full Game:

Post Game Highlights

Herman Postgame

Bonus; 1973 Bluebonnet Bowl Highlights