Thursday night game to watch

Our next FBS opponent, Tulsa, is playing Temple tonight on Thurs Night College Football. Let’s give our conference mates our TV sets.


If you’re in the area, tickets are as low as $2.

I don’t know why…

It will be interesting to see which Temple team shows up. After the way they beat Maryland you would think that they may be turning a corner but you never know.


Different QB played. I wonder if Frankie Juice lost his pulp?


Lol nice!!!

This is why Temple needs their own on campus stadium.

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Old pic with Attack the MAC signs.


They need their on-campus stadium. Their local city council/mayor are in the pocket of the Eagles and have been impeding the process. The level of filth in the politics is gross.


Not every school can convince students/faculty/BOR that it’s a good idea to spend $100M on a stadium while running at a 8 figure budget deficit.

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Temple’s new QB protects the ball better, makes smarter decisions.

Tulsa isn’t that good.

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Anyone see that sack fumble on the Tulsa QB and no one from temple picked up the ball. So the center casually scooped it and ran for a TD… :sweat_smile:

Could Rice beat Tulsa?

Anyone else watching right now? I hope ESPN never does this for a UH game. This is the kind of crap you can do after a game in a post game analysis.


Well chances are Rice’s defense is better than UT’s so maybe.

Holy hell the Tulsa QB is awful. Temple has scored two defensive TDs, created five TOs, and executed a great fake punt.

Two weeks in a row Temple’s defense totally outclassed UT’s defense against the same opponents.

So much for Tulsa being a passing team.

The temple defense was also applying pressure and did not give the Tulsa WR 5 yard cushion. I hope CMD was watching.


5 turnovers will usually cost you – and it did Tulsa tonight.

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