Ticket Count - Louisville

Single Tickets Available: 0 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheapest on StubHub = $11

Ticket Galaxy has 2,551 available ranging from $15-$573

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How many on stubhub?

I think in the end there will be about 2k empty seats. I am more concerned with the vibe in the stadium though. I used to look at teams who couldn’t sell out or fill a stadium when the #1 team was in town and wonder how that could be. I get it now. I was at the game Saturday, but honestly there were so many people there out of some obligation, not to really support the team. I get it though. It seems like we are all just playing out a string.

The excitement of last year isn’t there simply because expectations were not met. That SMU game and the Big 12 announcement were a 1-2 gut punch to the fanbase that I don’t think will be recovered from until next season. Hopefully the place is rocking Thursday, as CTH predicted.

There is a Rockets game in town at the same time that night, but I wouldn’t think that would really affect attendance. What hurts us on Thursday evenings (no matter the opponent) is that it’s more work than usual getting to the stadium through downtown traffic, harder to find parking and makes for a really late night when you have to go to work the next morning. I know it’s a prime time, nationally televised game, but I wish we could get rid of Thursday night games altogether.

Yesterday, I sold my three section 332 seats for $19 each. I’ve never made a weekday night game since moving to Dallas 14 years ago. This one was tempting but with two kids aged 14 and 12 with lots of activities, it’s not worth the doghouse unless it was two top five teams going at it.

If we beat UofL and Memphis, we’ll be ranked in the top 15 again before the Birmingham Bowl where we’d face someone like A&M or Georgia with a shot at the Top 10 again.

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Still 2650 left on Stub Hub. Lots of overpriced tickets.

1800 left on Stub Hub.

Only 240 of those in the 100/200 level.

About 60 SRO.

Over 1000 of the remaining tickets are in 311-316 (SW corner). Interesting because that corner has the worst views of both video boards. May need to install that second auxiliary board in the NE corner.

About 500 spread out around the rest of the 300 level.

1372 resale tickets on Ticketmaster, I think a lot of those over lap with the Stub Hub tickets. Cheapest is $20.

SRO going as low as $18- $19 on Stubhub. Did brokers buy a lot of them too? It seems like they must’ve bought 314 and 315 tickets as well since over 10 together are for sale on many rows. Looks like I sold my 332 tix too soon. :slight_smile:

Watching near SMU tonight at usual spot.

Looking for the best crowd of the season.

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Can I walk up and buy or is it too late? :grimacing:

MajinBu, just biy the downloadable one on stubhub

It was sold out two months ago. But you can download a ticket on stubhub. there are 1232 tickets left.

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