Ticket fulfillment emails

(gpropes) #1

Anybody get one yet? Emails were supposed to go out at 5.


I got mine just before 4:30 saying I has qualified for the tickets and my credit card would be charged at 5:00. I haven’t gotten anything since then.

(gpropes) #3

Interesting. My friend got no email, but his CC was charged.

(gpropes) #4

Were you charged for both sets of tickets, or just the first?


I was only charged for the first round… they charge you for the second round if we win.

(Gerald) #6

I got my email around 4:30 as well. Only supposed to charged for first set of tickets.

(Robert Louis Schenk-Rivera) #7

Well I got my tickets. Left me a little puzzled on the second set of tickets. I am assuming we will not be able to purchase second round tickets if we don’t win. Is this correct? I would have gone to the second round even if we lost. This leaves me with the question for hotel reservations, seems reserving a hotel for three nights is not a good idea. I also assume we can not get in to the early sessions anymore. Have things changed that much?


Yeah, I thought we’d get second round and have to sell them… makes sense though since it’s he UH allotment. Trouble is, if you want to go to the second round those tickets will be through the roof with Kansas likely playing on a Saturday night.

I booked a hotel through Saturday night, in hindsight maybe I could have just booked through Thursday night but it sure would stink to be kicked out if it fills up the next two nights.

I bought a single ticket for the early session, it’s pricey but I’ve always wanted to go to the first round so I’m all in on seeing all 4 games Thursday.

Do you know what seats you have? I just know I got tickets in my name.


First Round is Thursday.
Second Round is Saturday.
If you want to see both games in Wichita, you need to order both.


Yeah, I got 2nd round tickets but they don’t charge you for them if we don’t advance so I take that as you don’t get those tickets unless we advance. Maybe you get the option to purchase them.

(David) #11

I got an order confirmation for both rounds but nothing saying I qualified. So does this mean I am out? I thought I would get a mail saying yes or no but maybe they are doing only yes if you qualified? If I am out, I am very curious where the cut line level was.


I got charged for both rounds.

(David) #13

Thanks. I have pending charges on my credit card for both rounds but was concerned after reading that someone received a mail saying they qualified and only one round was charged. Plus, I received my confirmation within a few minutes of ordering and figured it would come later in the day. I will try the ticket office tomorrow if I am still unsure - jumping through hoops to make the games so want to stop if I don’t have tickets.

Thanks for the response.


Weird. I have a charge for the first round and my email says I will only be charged for the 2nd round if we advance. I’m going to call to ask about that tomorrow.

@CougarDave I would be beyond surprised if we sold out our allotment and everyone that applied for tickets didn’t get them.

(Robert Louis Schenk-Rivera) #15

That is weird I only got charged for round one also. No idea what seats only written that it is section 117.


For some clarity, login to your ticket account on UHcougars.com and go to order history.

There I have first and second round listed with 0.00 balance listed for the first round and 200.00 listed as a balance for the second round.

When you click on first round you can see the seats you have. I’m also in section 117.

I’d call if you all don’t have something similar because again, I really doubt we sold out our allotment.

(Robert Louis Schenk-Rivera) #17

Thanks for the info. I see the information.


Do we see all 4 games on Thursday or do we just have session 2 tickets for Thursday?

(Gerald) #19

i am thinking it is just the session 2 games. When you look on Stubhub, you see the tickets are broken down that way.

(David) #20

Thanks. I emailed last night and received confirmation from the ticket office this morning. Good to go on the tickets. Now I need to get there - I sure hope the Coogs make me stay through Saturday so the drive home does not feel really long.