Ticket mailings?

Season starts in 2 weeks, I know we’re a month away from the first home game, but has anyone gotten theirs yet?

When I log in mine show printed on 6/24 and say shipped via UPS, but I haven’t gotten anything…

It takes a while. I got them late last season too.

Yep, I don’t think they’ve actually mailed them out yet. I’ve got the same showing on my account. I think last year, I got them around 1-2 weeks before the OU game.

I ordered Shasta Passes and have’t gotten those yet. Contacted the ticket office and they say they haven’t mailed them out yet and that they’ll have a list at the Friday soccer game for those who have ordered so that we can get in.

I got an email today saying my tickets would be delivered tomorrow via ups.


Got my email as well. Tickets coming tomorrow

Got mine to, now I get to try and divert it to my new address.

I got the email and then two separate emails from UPS with different tracking numbers. I wonder if they are sending me two packages or just double printed my label.

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Tickets came today…paper tickets (Yea!!!), parking passes and the UTSA tickets which I had forgotten I’d bought thru the school and which are now extras since I bought two more online thru UTSA.

That’s what happens when a) the tickets take so dang long to arrive that you forget what you ordered and b) you hit 65 and forget things routinely.




I like that they hand out parking passes for the American Championship game. Good forward thinking.

Sorry may be a noob or question. What do we use the cougar pride items for (the sticker and lanyard looking Card)?

its a luggage tag. im not sure why they sent it out, but the sticker can go on your car.

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Did tickets show up? I got the email yesterday, that said they would arrive today, but they were a no show. I got the Cougar Pride mail with magnet, sticker and luggage tag, but no tickets.

Are we the only ones who got an email saying they’d be delivered today and then a second email saying they “cannot be delivered as scheduled?” The tracking number shows them as “Ready for UPS” as if they’re still at UH.

My tickets were delivered today.

I just got another email saying my delivery date has changed to tomorrow.

Was someone home? My email said signature was required. I created an account and left instructions to leave my tickets on my patio. Maybe that explains the delay.

UPS left them on my front doorstep. No signature needed.

My wife was home except for about 20 min AM and 20 min PM dropping off and picking up from school. UPS said ready all day, never out for delivery, and there was not the normal note on the door when they miss you on a signature required item, so I suspect, they just never took it for some reason.

I got my 7 season tickets, parking passes, but no luggage tag or sticker. Is that a separate mailing?

I received mine yesterday. Was surprised I received paper tickets since I am pretty sure I selected the season ticket cards. This will make using StubHub or other places easier if needed but I wanted the email transfer convenience. Oh well, I guess I will have a souvenir ticket stub with Ed Oliver on it…

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