Ticket mailings?

Same here. I’m pretty sure I didn’t select paper tickets, but no biggie.

Same here, got my tickets and parking passes, along with the coupon book, but no tag or sticker.

Yes it was a separate mailing. Did you just join Cougar Pride this year?

I have been a CP member since 2011.

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I have not received my tix and the tracking info from UPS says “ready for UPS” no other updates. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?

I’m in the same boat as you. I got an email on Wednesday saying that they’d be delivered on Thursday, but no such luck. When I check the tracking number it says “Ready for UPS” and seems as though they’ve yet to even be picked up by UPS. I guess we’ll see if they turn up…

Mine came today. I got paper tickets, I asked for cards and confirmed in my email order confirmation. I like the cards, as I can keep them in my wallet and have one less thing to remember before every game.

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Our tickets also said ready for ups for several days. I was worried but got an email early this morning saying they’d be delivered today. They were. Patience.

My tickets were delivered late yesterday.

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