Ticketing Website updated

Single Game tickets have been posted online now for Football, Volleyball and Soccer as well as Cullen Performance Hall tickets. Looks like a cleaner interface for purchasing tickets.

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Football doesn’t go on sale until Sept 1. Texas Tech isn’t listed as an option either with this blurb, “Texas Tech tickets are available by purchasing 2017 Houston Football Season Tickets now.”

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9/1 for single game tickets? I don’t remember the date ever being this late. Of course, I’ve been wrong more than once.

Another thing, should we be seeing something about our season tickets in our account when we log in? I see zero that indicates I’m even a season ticket holder.

I see my purchase under My Account, Manage My Account and then click on Order History on the right side.

And last year’s tickets went on sale on August 8th. I wonder if they’re holding back since the first two games this year are on the road, giving them more time to try and push season tickets.


There we go. I see it on my account right were you said. Thanks.

Shasta Pass now available for $85

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You can only get extra tickets for Tech through buying a four-pack to go on sale soon or secondary ticket sites like vivid or stubhub. I really don’t like this new ticket guy. Really! Two years, and he has taken all the tried and trued ticket sales concepts that have worked at UH and flipped them all around.

I am not opposed to change, but I am opposed to change for changes’ sake. Next thing you know, UH is going to start doing ticket licenses again. In fact, they already have a defacto ticket license with mandatory donations to Cougar Pride (which I am fine with - lowers ticket price and creates a tax benefit with in ticket purchase) and donations to stadium funds to get into certain areas. Just venting…

The ticket changes are part of the growing pains. We have rolled out a new ticket site, some sort of mobile option for certain seats, removed the family pack (think someone said this now available if call and request) and now the 4 game pack. Add to this the inclusion of two sections with seat back chairs and price changes. The parking seems like it changes annually for the core tailgating groups. Hopefully, we can lock these changes in and let a SOP form so we can plan ahead.

Also, for the last decade, it seems, we have had an opening weekend game at home or at least one home game in the first two weeks. This season we’re starting off on the road for the first two weeks… This is probably allowing them to wait longer to start single ticket sales.

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