Tilman lowers the boom on the weenie 12

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Lowers the boom … ehh … most of us here lowered the boom WEEKS AGO … didn’t change anything and we moved on … that ship sailed weeks ago …

MORE IMPORTANTLY Fertitta seemed helpless concerning CTH and whatever decision he will make …

No mention of an offer on the table to counter anyone coming after him … either he is feigning ignorance and keeping the key info close to his chest or he is truthfully stating that he is in the same boat as the rest of us …

Waiting …

Oh yeah and to confirm the article below Tilman did state in the audio that it is not about $$money$$ several times …

One can only infer from this until this article verifies that our BofR is not going to be outbid by those folks in the capitol.

Basically he inferred that CTH would leave because he wants to be elsewhere and no longer at UH.

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More from Tilman:Duarte Article Nov 21st

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Tilman is a great interview. Glad to see the things he said today.

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Google Search Link for the Duarte article

Love the comment about Herman staying here and us building a statue for him here in 20 years!

This is how I’ve felt about Herm from the get go.

Maybe I just wasn’t paying as much attention back then, but I don’t recall Briles or Sumlin ever talking as glowingly about the city and the school as Herman does. He could be one heck of an actor, but he seems to genuinely love this city and school. He also appeared super excited when asked in his press conference about beginning construction on the indoor practice facility. Call me naive, but someone on his way out the door usually doesn’t get excited about construction of facilities at the place he’s leaving.


He’s been saying “we” and “our” University a lot this past week. May not mean anything, but it’s been noticeable lately.

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