Tim Moore Jr honors his father in slam-dunk competition at Madison HS

(Patrick) #1

Son of the very good Coog alum. Class of 2020 SG has one offer from Lamar.



Loved me some Tim Moore. Great great UH player.


Honestly, he was the last great Coog dunker. Tim Moore’s dunks we’re so emphatic and awesome. They would really galvanize the crowd!

(Gerald) #4

Are we recruiting him? Seems like he is trying to send a message.

(Matt Jackson) #5

One of my favorite UH players ever. Imagine what Sampson could have done with Moore, Capers, Ford, and Damon Jones. That could have been a Sweet 16 team.

(Patrick) #6

I hope so. Would be nice to bring in some legacy kids.

(Butch) #7

Agreed…but it seemed like to me it took Tim an eternity to finally get into school and qualified to play…that said, he was a dynamic player many have forgotten about…he was a star at Milby and highly recruited


Yeah this. Who was that little PG who used to feed him? Tommie Davis? I remember him dropping one between his legs to Tim against ut and Tim thumping fools.


Add in Kenny Younger…and Gee Girvin Jr…and you would have a very solid team…


Gee Gervin was sick. Man that guy could throw down some shots like crazy. It was like Harlem Globetrotters fantasy shots that were real shots that just kept going in and in and in …

(J V ) #11

The Ice man!

(Patrick) #12

(Patrick) #13