Time to Fly Our Colors...More Than Ever Before!

Hey Coogs!

After the hurt of the last 24-48 hours, I feel the need to fly the Scarlet & White more than ever! I put my UH yard sign back out last night (after returning from relatives for Thanksgiving) and am wearing my red UH pullover to the mall later today. I am looking forward to the looks and the conversations that will certainly be sparked! My message will be, “…we have and will reload with the next stud coach!” #COOGS4EVER

Show your pride today Coogs!!! Show everyone who we are…united in our mission!!!



My thoughts too. We need to show our Cougar Pride and that UH is back regardless of who is our coach. This is about “Coog Nation”.


On it, man! Grocery and Christmas shopping in my nice, clean jersey today.

Thanks for the reminder! I may need a new jersey soon if I rep the red and white all during the off-season.

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YES a million times over. This is how CoogNation moves on!

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I wore my shirt and so did my kid today to the mall.


I’ll always bleed red. I can’t get this terrible taste out of my mouth, but this only strengthens my loyalty.


I did the same thing…been wearing red all weekend. Have gotten a few good comments

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My Mini-Me at Kroger last night.

My wife said he refused to leave the house without wearing his “cougar stuff” (He’s only wearing a Rocket hoodie because he doesn’t have any Cougar cold weather gear).


I’ve worn my UH hat nearly every day since the Memphis loss, including wearing it to the Texans game on Sunday. Got plenty of complimentary comments as well as sympathy. Not one negative comment. We may not own the city with so many transplants from elsewhere and the tshirt fans of other universities but we have earned respect and admiration.


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