Time to panic? With tough remaining schedule, six wins no longer a guarantee for

(Patrick) #1

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“I think the way we come out and prepare this week is really going to say a lot about our team,” wide receiver Steven Dunbar said. “The way we come out and prepare this week is going to be, in my opinion, the way the season goes.”

What should be clearly obvious past the midpoint of this season: the Cougars still have no idea what to do at quarterback and, unless they invest in cloning, there’s only one Ed Oliver on defense. Even Big Ed is less than full strength with a MCL sprain in his left knee.

(Bryant Hargrave) #2

The answer is yes, the fanbase can go ahead and panic a bit. Poor QB play, bad scheming, inconsistent wideouts, below average oline play, and defense that is totally exposed as kind of weak without a fully healthy Ed Oliver.

There are major, major issues, all over the field.


I’m going to wait one more game before I do, but I don’t blame anyone who already IS in panic mode. Like you said, there are problems all over the field, and I would add on the sidelines as well. Highly unlikely we see any quick fix.

(Cary) #4

I have to respect the way that Duarte does his craft. You hear concerns that are on this board being asked directly to Major. You see content that speaks to the hardcore fanbase. Duarte knows his audience.