Time to put this dog to sleep


I want to skip the requisite three years and can Major now. He makes Kim Helton look like a creative play caller. The team has quite on him, obvious when Allen was not put in, they tanked. We can’t afford this. Fire his ass at the airport and start looking now. p.s. Maybe tell Tillman to stick to selling overpriced fried food and on line gaming. He passed on Lincoln Riley even getting an interview with us. Brilliant.

(Cary) #2

Lincoln Riley was promised the OU job. Said he wasn’t interested in UH.


Season is far from over. We control our own destiny. Not a team on the schedule we can’t beat.


And our nationally televised Memphis game crowd will most likely look about like a typical Rice home game crowd. Lots and lots of empty seats disguised as fans.


If TDECU is looks empty then it is on others. I will be there in my seats cheering for the Coogs as well as most of the people on this board. The “our fans are terrible” threads are just boring and insulting to us.


Who has the buyout $$$? MA will certainly get this year and next to prove himself. I don’t like what’s going on either but let’s see what adjustments, if any, are made.

(Tom) #7

He had already proved himself and is not up to task . Is he guaranteed three years ?.

(Cary) #8

Depends on what he does at the end of this year. If he demoted Johnson to QB coach only, and then brings in a new offense of coordinator that can turn things around – he might have a third year.