Titans took care of business..will the Texans? Update..NO

If the Titans can hold on. And the Texans take care of business tomorrow.

It will.make for a crazy sports week.

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The titans are really surprising me. I Don’t follow them but I didn’t except them to take it to the Ravens the way they are now.

Just hope they don’t blow it by going into the “playing not to lose” mode and just trying to run clock.

The thing is though they are absolutely built for clock running. The whole have Tanehill make some plays but most of so just keep handing the ball to Derrick Henry

I think they got it. Under 3 mins to play

That’s what Pitt thought when we played them in the Armed Forces Bowl.

The Texans are one win away from hosting the AFC championship!

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It would be cool if it was between the Texans and the Used to be Houston team.


But in classic Texans fashion do they choke? You know they will thinking about it.


They’re 10 pt underdogs. Wouldn’t be a choke. They only have about 21% chance of winning per NFL experts.


Right! Would be the other way around. The Chiefs need to choke!

It would really be a miracle if the Texans pull it off!


Former Houston Oilers against Houston Texans in Houston. The story lines will write themselves! Can Jim Nantz call the game if this scenario plays out??!

Funny how Mike Vrabel is looking like a way better coach than BoB


No coach is worse than BOB! If the Texans beat KC, it will be because the players found a way to win despite his horrible coaching. “Mr QB guru” agitate me. He has run through more QBs than any coach I have ever watched.


If Bill Obrien don’t put his head in the sand and actually coach to win.

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It’s amazing what a great OLine and ruuning back can do. Duh


Predicting a Chiefs warring raid and burning the blue village…along with the Pedo St. leader.


You’re excited for that?

:joy::joy: yeah it feels like there will be a massacre today. Man, it would be sweet if the Texans somehow got it done though.

Mr BOB’s friend has awoke. :rofl: