To coogfans

(Eric Prado) #1

To everyone either not buying tickets or selling they’re already bought tickets to the navy game, you’re the reason why UH will never be in a p5.

#Either you support the SCHOOL or you don’t.

I get that you’re pissed about the coaching, player performance, and whatever other reasons you may have. But you need to show up to the game to support our seniors. We’re never going to be one of the best programs in the nation if our fan base is fickle, or is too proud to attend the last game of a terrible season.

Buck up and get your ass in the stadium. Don’t be an even bigger embarrasnent to the SCHOOL by not supporting it during the bad times.

I’m disappointed with the football program as my expectations for it weren’t met, but things could literally be worse.

I hope to see the stadium full to say farewell to our great seniors who have represented UH wonderfully these past 4-5 years.


Just because I’m pissed off right now and blowing off steam on the message board doesn’t mean I won’t be there this Friday, and I imagine all the other angry posters will be, too. No, what a pathetic performance like today’s does is keep the casual fan at home who otherwise might have come out to watch a 7 - 3 team play a good service academy team. There’s simply no excuse for today’s effort with two weeks to rest up and prepare.


Remind me again, how many of your Cougar Pride dollars go toward the university’s academic programs?

(Eric Prado) #4

How many times has Khator said the athletic department is the front porch of our school?

(Tom) #5

We will be there for M Adams and the seniors. For the memories they gave us here in that magical 2015 season. It will be a privilege to send the off as seniors.
Will be there for Navy, the courageous young men who defend our freedom .
But first allow me to lvent against the current coaching staff.

(J V ) #6

I am going to the game but I will have extra tickets that wanted to give away and have used for the Navy game.

My wife was headed to the grocery store and I told her to put the extra tickets under the wipers with a note that said free tickets.

So she put three tickets under the wipers and went into the store. When she came out the 3 were no longer there but now they were joined by 3 more extras.

Now I have six to give away. Lol.


I’m still going. Always will. Just hurts because we have better players than what we see on the field in my opinion.

(Dustin K) #8

Well,indirectly, if it goes to the cost of scholarships then every single dollar to the general fund goes to pay someone’s tuition and fees. 46ers and capital project funds in Cougar Pride are different.

I also give to other programs that are important to me. However Cougar Pride dollars and donors count in the overall amount of donors when the school is being looked at for rankings.


Who is going to buy my Navy tickets?

(Ben) #10

Forty something years ago, when Bill Yeoman was still coaching the Cougars, and they played some really good football (one year I seem to remember they defeated three teams in the same year that at the time of the game, their Qback was leading the nation in passing - Don Strock’s name comes to mind) the business I worked for had multiple tickets for both UH and Rice, plus some for the Oilers. Our sales people had a difficult time “giving away” FREE tickets to UH games. During that time, I attended a lot of games because we young folks in the office received the tickets not given away to customers . . . . . Attendance has been a major problem for over 50 years . . . . .


I will be there in my seat just as I have all season.


I’ll be there but I’m honestly more excited to get this regular season over to see at a minimum which assistants get fired


As always, depends on the price.

(Gary Taylor) #14

I certainly no expert but from what I see our defense is way too soft. DB’s can’t tackle 1 on 1 LB’s make very few plays at he line of scrimmage. Defensive line is a run only defense- no pass rush at alli. and we’ve turned an all american into window dressing since he get double and tripled team most of the time with our 3 man front. I agree with Ogar but I will be there to watch Navy.


I was here for the Helton years and it won’t get any worse than that, oh except for the 0-11 year with Dimel. So my wife and I will be at the game.


There will be 7 of us at the game this Friday.


It’s gonna be dead


We live in a city of front runners and band wagon hanger ons. Even if we were undefeated, attendance on the Friday morning after thanksgiving would be an issue because school is out and mama wants to shopping. If this were fixable it would have been fixed long ago.

(Dustin K) #19

In Houston there is always something to compete against. We just have to keep building. Best thing we can do is make sure students are excited enough to buy season tickets after graduation. We can grow.

(norb) #20

Is the OP new here? People who care enough to find then sign up and then post on a UH football forum aren’t the problem.