To Moderators: concerning politics

I just wanted to quickly broach a subject that has come to my attention: politics.

Don’t worry, I’m not discussing a particular issue or current event. What I wanted to know is if there is space for Coogs to (respectfully) talk about politics with other Coogs? And, can Coogfans be that place?

I understand why some may want to avoid it all together on a sports forum, but I think Coogfans can be a great place for Coogs to chat about a range of topics that extend beyond what is happening at our beloved school.

I have been to other college forums that have a place for politics and I’ve seen some great and informative discussions. I have even found other Coogs on other college forums discussing politics and I’d always ask: Why do we have to go elsewhere?

Now, granted, politics can get prickly for some folks, but with a little moderation I think we can start engaging more Coogs to join and be a part of our online community.

I would respectfully encourage the Moderators to consider a place for politics on Coogfans - perhaps a trial run to see how it goes?

Thank you


Let them go to political forums.

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There used to be on one on the old fans board on Scout. It was open and closed multiple times the last few years there.

It gets ugly. As often as there are disagreements here, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There are plenty of alternatives for the political scene.

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I actually like most of you, I don’t want to find out you’re all dumb*****!!!



I was one of the major posters on the political board under my previous name.

I enjoyed it but the world is in a different place now. It is more divisive. If you thought it was bad before it would be 1,000 times worst now.

I agree that to keep one Coog Nation that this is no place for politics.

It was very difficult for me to be the only one that was correct all the time. It is a burden that I can’t tolerate any longer.


It NEVER remains confined to the ‘politics’ forum. It ALWAYS spills over into other areas no matter how hard the mods work.

Please don’t.


I would actually like a political board here if we were all level headed but the egos and testosterone can get the best of some of us (saying that respectfully because the majority of us are male). And usually people dont come to any sort of compromise they want to change one another’s thinking and we’re not close enough to forgive and forget or agree to disagree. I mean if we can get into discussions over if King is staying or not I can only imagine what politics is going to make us say.

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I’ll never understand what it is that makes a person need to discuss politics.

I live by certain principles some may agree with and others may not, but I just can’t bring myself to be separatist about it, especially at a place like coogfans that is literally built on what we have in common… Love for UH.

I don’t necessarily care if there is a political forum created or not, but I for sure will not participate in it. Just my $. 02.


I think we may be overdramatizing.

Take a gander at TexAgs and Tigerdroppings (LSU’s board). They both have politics boards and are vibrant, engaging and yes, testy to some. But it’s well run and well moderated.

I just find it hard to believe that we, UH Coogs, can’t have one to call our own that is just as vibrant and engaging.

I fully expect people having strong opinions, and if folks get worked up and antagonistic with others about online opinions, then I question whether the internet is a healthy place for them at all.

Look, I get it. The last thing I want to do is agitate my fellow Coogs. I just feel that a politics board will further engage our community throughout the year.

There is a great wealth of wisdom and insight from posters on CoogFans that is worth tapping into. Wouldn’t you want to hear what your fellow Coogs have to say about the upcoming elections? Or foreign affairs? Or the economy? Religion and faith?

There’s nothing to be scared of.

We can do it, and I believe we can do it better than others.

Creating the politics board on the old Scout site was one of the worst moves that I ever made. Don’t do it.


There is no great wealth of wisdom here.

If there were you all would be on RiceFans and I would be on CornellFans.

(I am kidding (sort of))


The old site’s Politics Board was toxic most of the time. Additionally, it wasn’t uncommon for members to bring up old gripes or make unsavory comments about others in the sports threads based on arguments made against each other on the Politics Board.

Moderating politics on the old site was the worst duty . Any comments edited or deleted guaranteed some angry reply or direct message for shutting down free speech. This site and the old one are private so of course that claim was always a false one.

I’m not speaking for all the mods/admins, but I would not like to see a Politics Board here. There’s plenty of outlets for those who want to throw flames at each other. This site is for the betterment of Cougar Nation.

Go Coogs


I can take it or leave it.

Obviously, your MAIN reason for reading and posting here should be because of your interest in UH sports.

That said, as long as people are here primarily for that reason, I guess it’s cool if people also talk politics. Just keep it clean and refrain from personal attacks.

But if someone is on a politics board primarily or exclusively for political reasons, and not because he or she is a genuine UH sports fan, then kick them off straight away. And of course, if they launch a personal attack on any poster, their personal friends, or their family members, then they should immediately be banned with zero tolerance.

I completely agree.

Your last point touches on my biggest and only reservation about a politics board.

For me, the issue is not whether we can have one. I believe we can have great political discussions. The issue is moderating. A politics board will require someone to warn, suspend or ban posters who cross lines, so to speak, at a higher rate compared to other boards on CoogFans given how testy those discussions can be.

Let’s be perfectly clear.

I loved the old political board.

But when we start talking politics we were all a bunch of nut jobs myself included.

I know that our collective blood pressure rates are lower. (Well, I am also taking my meds now).

There are a lot of emotional people around here, a board will never work.

Again, I was sad to see it go. But it is gone, let it rest.

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I moderated it and I never want to do that again. The nation is divided enough that we don’t have to ruin something that doesn’t need it to continue.


I was a somewhat frequent contributor to the politics board, but I’d have to say my life is much better without it. Too many times, things would get personal on that forum, and it just wan’t enjoyable.

Also, kudos to the individuals who moderated that forum. I would not have done that job for a million dollars.

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I think this site is better without it.

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Please do not make a politics forum on here.

I’m into politics, and while I didn’t post on the scout forum, I was always inclined to read and hated some of the stuff I saw on there. Politics seeps into every aspect of life so things will come up from time to time on here, but I personally don’t want a place on here where people go just to argue.

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