To Moderators: concerning politics

I moderated it and I never want to do that again. The nation is divided enough that we don’t have to ruin something that doesn’t need it to continue.


I was a somewhat frequent contributor to the politics board, but I’d have to say my life is much better without it. Too many times, things would get personal on that forum, and it just wan’t enjoyable.

Also, kudos to the individuals who moderated that forum. I would not have done that job for a million dollars.

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I think this site is better without it.

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Please do not make a politics forum on here.

I’m into politics, and while I didn’t post on the scout forum, I was always inclined to read and hated some of the stuff I saw on there. Politics seeps into every aspect of life so things will come up from time to time on here, but I personally don’t want a place on here where people go just to argue.

I can live without and will do so even if such a forum is opened. No one is going to change another’s mind and it isn’t worth having hate spewed all over fellow Coogs


I’m with Butch on that – especially during this particular presidential campaign where there is so much passion on both sides. No one changes anyone’s mind, they just dig in deeper and people get angry at what were previously board friends. Nope, don’t need it.

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I never posted on that site but would read for comical purposes. There was a noncoog guy claiming to be a Doctor that spewed major hatred that caused a lot of division. I say no way on politics board. We dont need to repeat whats failed!

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He still posts on this board occasionally. I thought he was a Coog.

And that guy wasn’t even the worst of the “non-coogs.”

There was a certain Rice fan who was a particularly big problem. He seemed to think that it was perfectly OK to personally attack anyone that dared to think independently and express an opinion different from his own; he even condoned cyberstalking at one point.

Without those two, I’m sure the Politics board would have been/would still be just fine.


I guess it depends on your point of view.

That said, glad the political.board is not here.

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I was on the opposite side as Ultra for years. He was a tough SoB, he made you think. If you posted something stupid he made you pay for it. LoL!

He was a bit of an attack artist all the time. Sometimes one may want to just explore something openly and explore it frim a relaxed perspective and not have to defend it to the nth degree. Ultra was more looking for an in-depth argument to the death type of thing. He seemed to take it pretty seriously.

But he was or is a good guy. I wouldn’t have minded getting ti know him outside the ring of the political board.

He visited the Satellite today with lots of stats for the Coronavirus.

I spent the 2 Bush admins, both Obama admins and the first year of the Trump admin on that sticken board. I do not recommend it to anyone. The country is too divided, UH is pretty diverse which will make the UH board more divided. It only adds to more divisiveness. The country doesn’t need that crap. I was very addicted to it and I am not an addictive person. Take my advice and don’t go there. Its a waist of your time and will only make a UH sports community worse and not better.

The nature of that board probably made most posters sound more hard core than they actually are. It made people think more or retreat too a black vs white perspective and be far more defensive. The world is far more gray than it is black and white.

I would bet good money that Portland would never support that idea.

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Fight club! I like it!

No way I’d want to have to moderate that disaster. I’ve seen life-long friendships ruined recently over the current toxic state of affairs…I’d keep it to sports so we can argue over what we love not what we hate


There is politics and there is polemics. One is a problem while the other shouldn’t be.

Some people have a Pavlovian reaction to the mere mention of the word politics with or without polemics. Some people just don’t like hearing an opinion different from theirs. Some people just can’t stay on topic and switch the subject from whatever it was to a personal attack.

I’ve said this a million times, the problem isn’t politics. The problem is insults and immaturity.


And the baiting that leads to the insults

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Yes and that happens with any subject from conference expansion to starting quarterbacks to RV parking on Game Day.

We don’t prohibit discussion on those subjects. We close the threads when they get out of hand.

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Hi Manny:

Appreciate your kind and thoughtful request.

It’s not going to happen. Members don’t have visibility to the behind the scenes management of members and posts. A politics board is moderation nightmare, moderation is all volunteer and politics makes it 10x more time consuming.

And the moment you delete something on a politics board, then the moderators get hate mail because someone got their post deleted.

A politics board doesn’t really support the core mission of this site, which is to support UH Athletics and tangentially related UH subjects. The politics board we had on the old site rarely changed anyone’s mind, and it became a mud-slinging insult-fest and a contest on who can zing whom the best.

When we had a politics board, as Fireman says, was toxic.

Thanks again guys, Our position stands.

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Good money bet. Also people say all manner of things in a forum than they would not in person. Political opinions don’t make someone bad. I am great friends with many people who think very differently from me.

The problem is how differences gets expressed. On the old board it was a mess that WE the mods had to deal with.

The other problem with the political board was that it was an exhausting experience.

Most people don’t understand the amount of energy necessary to be correct 100% of the time.

If you think it is easy to always be right, try it.

It is not easy at all.


You are wrong about that! :wink:

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