Todd Orlando

I’m starting to think he may have a head coaching offer or two. I really thought he would have announced he was moving on to UT (after the bowl game) by now. I really hope he gets a head coaching job over working as a defensive coordinator for Herman at UT.

I suspect that Applewhite will get his contract out of the way Sunday so he can focus on his first game as head coach starting Monday.

If so, it would probably be at Cincinnati, Temple, or USF.
WKU and FAU currently pay their HC less than he would make as DC at Texas.

Cincinnati already hired a coach. Luke Fickell

He may be looking around. I imagine he’s just taking his time and weighing his options.

For some coaches it’s not always about the money. He feels he is ready to be a head coach. If UT is offering 800k to be a DC and some small FBS school offers him 500k plus bonus incentives to be a HC, I can see him taking the shot. It gives him a chance to call all the shots with his defense and to implement an offense that he feels comfortable with. His job stability is based on his performance and based on if the head coach gets fired, gets another offer or wants to stick around.

In 3 years, he would either be offered more there, somewhere else or know if DC is the right place for him.

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