Tom Herman Fail

I know what GIF will be posted to Twitter every single time the Longhorns lose during Tom Herman’s tenure.





That wood must be from Annapolis, Storrs, or Dallas.



Memphis to be exact.


That is funny!!

doesn’t look like he has been #trainingforchaos


Why is he so hung up on locker rooms ?

Nothing but a self promoter !

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He wasn’t this bad at UH, right ?! It seems like his ego just got inflated when UT came begging for him.

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In retrospect, I think he was just as much the self promoter at UH also.

His constant comments about not suppose to be able to win with 2 and 3 star players like he did.

I will give him credit for putting together a good coaching staff and letting them do their jos, especially on defense.

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He’s always been a self-promoter, he’s just getting more round-the-clock coverage now.


Seemed to play ok here as a ‘go getter’ but the way last season played out as well as his exit has seemed to change that perception. Thinking he can do the same in Austin as he did here will be his biggest mistake.
He’ll also learn that you don’t get many clear paths to the playoffs like we had last year…instead he pissed it away in self-interest. Not even in Austin. What a disappointing fraud.

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Yeah, but the man did coach us to victories against Oklahoma, Florida State and Loiseville.
Walk back to that moment,when time ran out at TDECU against Temple and you finally realized , after 20 years and the disappointment of 2011, that UH was headed to the peach bowl.
Cmon now, walking out of NRG, after Oklahoma was just beautiful
Won’t describe peach bowl , but man didn’t Loiseville leave you unsatisfied and wanting a refill.

But lost to Navy, SMU and Memphis because he was selling out. No doubt some good memories, and breathed new life into the program…but that Louisville game left me thinking about what could have been.

SMU was the low point, when it all unraveled.

Peach Bowl and OU were the best of memories for sure

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Cannot tell how good of a coach he was.

Definitely a motivator and built a good team of coaches, but won with other coaches players so not enough info as to long term success.

Clearly his mentality and self absorption cost us games we probably should have won.

Also, he rates the same in my book as Briles as to how he stripped us before the bowl game. He gets a resounding F for that.


I think all you have to do is point to the new indoor practice facility being built.

He is a attention media whore all the time. Those are the words I was looking for.

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Someone with video editing skills should edit video where it’s the UH logo, Coach Applewhite or Ed Oliver that he tries to hit with sledge before falling over!

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Won with other coaches players? Hmrmph! You do realize the other coach would’ve “coached” them up to < mediocrity.

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