Tom Herman is still lying. Same story new article

Hey guys… found this article on a Big 12 website I follow.

It’s titled: “Tom Herman is still lying about how Houston job ended” … let me know what y’all think!

Thanks for the first time post on our forum. You’re welcome to use it to gain reads on a story everyone is fully aware of.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter what we think, that interview yesterday wasn’t for us. He was talking to Longhorn fans and potential recruits that arent going to care what we think and will just assume our reactions are sour grapes.

He’s gone, time to move on.


I just found out that Matt Thomas had him on his radio show.
Matt Thomas is an U of H Alum
Why did he invite judarman on HIS show knowing full well what his answers would be?
You are exactly right. It is way past time to move on. Why can’t you Matt?

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To me, the more anyone can get lyin’ tommie to lie more, the further he sinks. And I love that.


790 is also home to UT sports.

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Matt has an issue here and a dilemna. He works for an employer that has a contract to broadcast uta sports.
He is an U of H alum.
The main uta sports figure is judarman.
He has to act as professionally as he can. When the question is asked to judarman about us/his alma matter Matt knows what the answer will be.
judarman lied. That is a fact. Can Matt reports that it is a lie without getting fired? We all know the answer.


Herman had me fooled, I admit. I’d be happy to never see the lying piece of fecal matter, or read about him again. However, when he opens his pie hole, I’m gonna say something. My apologies in advance to those that say we should be grateful, and those that want to act like they are above the fray.

He can twist the facts and spin things to turn the I’m not going to LSU thing into his being a person of integrity. Well, he ain’t that, never was that, and will never be that. He’s a lying huckster and shyster. Lest we focus too much on the lying part of the affair, let us not forget that he mentally and emotionally checked out, prior to the Navy game. The Louisville game was an anomaly. The players won that game, and would have won it, regardless.

The lying, the distraction he displayed during the season, the snotty comments after he left, and the general attempts to harm the program are all I’m ever going to remember about him. I’m done, until something else about that oily con man pops up one here. May his time in Austin be nasty, short, and brutish. I believe I’m done.


“I said guys this isn’t true what you are hearing about LSU. Do I need to have another team meeting to address it?

Herman was then asked if he was telling the truth before the Memphis game.

“Every single report that was floating out at that time was inaccurate,” Herman told Patrick. “I was not lying. I feel very comfortable saying that.”

But when Herman was asked if LSU had reached out to him, he danced all around the question and never gave a straight answer.

“Yeah, you know, not to skirt the question, I just don’t know that how we got here is relevant,” Herman said.


Here’s what was posted on the Rivals premium board last November after the Chip Brown and ESPN reports came out about Herman and LSU. This was posted the night before the Memphis game:

"A good source, close to the LSU administration told me that Herman accepted an offer to become LSU’s next head coach. Jimbo backed out when FSU stepped up their offer to keep him, there were family decisions etc… LSU then turned their full attention to Herman.

I’ve heard the offer was around $7M per year. DC Dave Aranda is reportedly staying with LSU as defensive coordinator, which was something that was pushed heavily by the LSU brass."

So not only do the Houston people think Herman is lying, so do the LSU people. And some Rivals people.


My sentiments, also.

The South Carolina people think he is a liar also.

Friends, that is not even up for debate. HE LIED, PERIOD.
That is why you wonder about these questions. Remember about concentrating on living people? He is past history to us. I am a Christian so I forgive him but don’t come back jack and insult our intelligence. Again, Matt Thomas should know better. In case Matt Thomas is forced to ask these questions. He should resign and find another station. He is very talented and does not need this. Duarte is not an alum and work for the local uta paper (can’t find any other way to describe the Chron) and HAS to do this to please his bosses.
This is so childish and ridiculous but this goes with the entire idea of keeping U of H down. When the media is not on our side we will always have to overcome. 7630 plus days from being in a P5 that is the real story.

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