Tom, just go ahead and tell us and let's stop the charade

When our team plays like this, that means you have lost them, and we know why. Preach love and brotherhood while you are packing your bags. Nice.

Just tell us so we can stop all pretending.



Plastered it all over twitter…these last 3 games feel like 2011 CUSA championship. Everything to play for and they’re playing with no interest, no life. Leave or commit…now


We look so bad tho.

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If we don’t lose tonight, we’re bound to lose one, or two, of the remaining games on the schedule.

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Louisville is going to be a bloodbath


I’m worried how bad we’ll look at a bowl game. Any bowl game…

This game reminds me alot of Duke/Louisville a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, but this seals our fate for an NY6 bowl game. We’re better than this!!!


Can’t help but think the culture CTH has built and fostered has some weaknesses.

It’s starts from the top, so I hope to see the post game interview and the early week press conference. Like to see CTH take complete ownership.

I’ll give him credit, the man built a solid culture for the program, got the fans and students excited. And I’m not saying UH can’t lose a game, but the total reversal in this very promising season is just outright weird.

The team’s culture fell apart as soon as Les Miles was fired at LSU. Season over.


Maybe they will redo the t shirt to say. Please! Come and take him.

We have a history of coaches who can produce good teams here. Maybe CTH isn’t the god we thought he was.

The biggest weakness is an inexperienced o line that keeps getting injured. The entire offense runs through Ward and doesn’t run when he can’t get three seconds to do anything.


Only problem I see with that excuse, is that our most successful drive had Ward rolling out several times. Since that TD drive, how many times has Ward rolled out?

This offensive line isn’t bad enough that a team like SMU can do this to them unless our gameplan sucks too.

When focused and driven to build the UH program, coach Herman has been fantastic.

It doesn’t feel or look like coach Herman is as focused on the program since the rumors started. Unlike last year’s distraction associated with a mid level SEC team, Herman has several blue blood and legacy programs calling on him ( UT, LSU, USC). Unfortunately, it shows.

Sorry to write that about Coach Herman, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck …

This is brutal. May not beat both UCF and Tulane playing like this. We could be staring at an 8-4 record at best and who knows what happens in a bowl game. It’s just unfathomable that a team could lose the focus that they have lost the last 3 weeks. Horrible play along with horrible coaching efforts. This team went from having one of the best defenses in the country to not being able to stop anybody the last 3 weeks… zero pressure on the QB.

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Not sure what to think of this, comedy or tragedy.

I think it’s the tragedy of being a Houston sports fan.


Definitely the tragedy of a UH fan!

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