Tom TURDman reportedly hiring Drew Mehringer

Yep, making him Passing coordinator. Mehringer’s offense was awful this year; taking an offense that ranked in the 40’s and taking them to last in all of FBS this year. Wondering if Rutgers ran him out of town or if he jumped, realizing that he wasn’t going to last much longer?

UT folks aren’t happy that he’s basically bringing the entire staff with him and many aren’t happy that he’s going after UH recruits.

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Wow. He really wanted Major Applewhite as his OC at Texas lol. Judas is a sleazy con man or a deceiving politician.

I’m not sure why they’d care either way. His staff is part of what made him successful. Then he has to get recruits from somewhere fast after the uncertainty with Strong caused them not to have any.

It’s because they think they are better than UH and expect their coach to recruit a higher level of recruit than what “UH can get.” Plus, they just struggled with Charlie Strong who had problems because he was too loyal at times to loyal staff members he had brought with him from Louisville.

I find this funny. Where did they think he’d go for staff and recruits? Especially when he has such a short time to get both.

They expected him to go get Dava Aranda from LSU for one and weren’t happy about some of the assistants that he let go after spending all of 5 minutes with them.

As far as recruits, I imagine they expected to steal A&M and Sooner recruits right away; or at least be competing for 5 stars. Dylan Moses committing to Auburn did not make them happy even though I don’t think they were after him.

Then you have the faction that is still upset about Charlie Strong and won’t be happy until Herman does something “notable” = NY6 Bowl at least. It’s not a small faction either.

Folks there are already saying they expect 10 wins next year :astonished:. They are a deluded and divided fan base, but we knew that; almost all of us thought that Herman might stay because of that very reason. Ego won out though.

Maybe he meets the expectations. Maybe he has a similar career arc that Sumlin has had at A&M with an even more deluded fan base where he wins early and then settles into mediocrity. Maybe he goes out like Charlie Strong. My opinion: I’d bet on the last two; I just don’t think he has the right mentality for that job and he’s too young. Doesn’t help that Bob Stoops is going to make it his personal mission to beat the crap out of him every year after being embarrassed this year.

(By the way, this is all just what I see on my twitter timelines due to angry Coog fans, certain sports writers like Pete Thamel/Folks at ESPN, the occasional UT fan I follow because I like what they offer non-UTwise and reading articles that still tack on certain key words like Houston Cougars and University of Houston when talking about Herman. I am actively trying to avoid him at this point in those arenas.)


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