Tomorrow’s AP poll


I say we move to number 9 in both polls. What sayyou?


Yes, no worse than 9.

(Doug) #3

Yes! Agree


Do y’all think we have a chance to move higher than 9


I think the press will continue to use conference against us.

(Doug) #6

No But we need to concentrate on two big road games this week. Uconn will be a tough road game




True. I think we’ll win at UConn and we’ll beat Tulane really bad so bad that I can’t think of
A score right now lol


BTW, is Connecticut weather looking OK???. I havent seen any weather reports. I woukd be really worried about trips up there this time of year.

(David) #10

After last year, I am worried about freezing temps in New Orleans


I live in Vermont and will be taking 3 with me on Thursday to Hartford. Snow storm is moving in Tues night and into wednesday, but should be cleared out for the team if they are flying in wed afternoon or later. No snow Thursday!


Is anyone else going to be making the trip to Tulane Sunday? I’m going to that one since I can’t make it to UCoNn and was wondering if any of y’all are


I would much rather go to New Orleans than Hartford. Lucky dog, you.


Connecticut lost their best player recently. But let’s not take them lightly.

(JohnnyCougar) #15


(Ryon Adams) #16

I’ll go with #9 in both polls.

(Coog) #17

Mcl sprain for Jalen Adams will be out 4-6 weeks. This is a game we should win by 10-15 points on the road.


We moved up to #3 in realtimerpi. 3. Freaking crazy.

(Patrick) #19

I’ll say 10


I’m expecting #9, possibly #10. Anything lower than that is ridiculous