Tonight ar 7

The Touchdown Club hosts Dana and Mike Leach for a one hour Zoom roundtable.

Registration and attendance are free. You think those 2 uncensored will be must see TV?

Go to to sign up


Depends on who asks the questions. BTW, are fans who Zoom in allowed to ask questions or is strictly the host of the meeting?

I’m not sure how it works but yes

Fans can asks questions, but you have to submit them to host.

Entertainment value is pretty good so far. Did not realize Granato was hosting. Good thing it was not Zerlein or we would not get to hear the coaches talk.


Already left this lame interview. Leach hogging all the time. Nothing of substance. Thought there might be some questions of substance but not. What a waste of time!

Kind of what I thought. Glad I didn’t bother.

I took it as entertainment and a break from reality. The stories were pretty good.


What would have been “questions of substance”?

I thought Leach’s recommendation of Gambinos while coming to Pullman for the WSU game was helpful


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